Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting Sunday May 21, 2006

Dear All,

Following up on the success of the first 5 meetings I am pleased to announce that the fifth meeting of the Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting will take place at Carnegies Taipei on Sunday May 21, 2006. The meeting will start at 12:00 as usual.

Carnegies Taipei is located on No 100, Section 2, Anhe Rd.

The meeting is open for all interested. It is intended for people currently running or interested in opening their own business in Taiwan. The objective of the meeting is to discuss ideas, issues and problems facing business owners here, and off course also to socialize and build a good network to draw on when needed.

I will miss this one but look forward to June…

Going to miss it again…=-(

Actually seriously gutted as I am just about to start something. Maybe June.

Dear All,

Great meeting, we broke new attendance records.

I look forward to see you in June.

Second that, great meeting even if it went on a bit long. :laughing:

Yup, we kept talking shop or whatever you would call it to 11PM.

My head… :help:

Meeting? :s
Errr… as far as I can remember, the meeting part finished after about an hour.

What you and Mr. He did afterwards, I don’t think it’s called a “meeting”… Except maybe in the Balkans and Latin America.

Nono, the meet was more than 2 hours, actually, i only think that the networking session between traveller and I started before 2-3 PM actually.

mr he - were you on the pipe at this meeting?


Well, I was smoking a pleasant blend of virginia and burley, actually.

yuo certainly looked relaxed.

haha, yes. Actually I was just getting freight related information out of the freight forwarder.