Forumosa equivalent in Hong Kong?

Is there one? I’ve tried searching online and haven’t come up with anything.

I may be moving over there later this year and will need accommodation / flatmates / headhunters / furniture etc. etc.

Any ideas?


Hi Jenny.

Really, there’s nothing much in HK as far as an online community goes. There is Asiaxpat, the forums offer a nice place to learn how to beat your maid and scrimp on her already meagre slary. They also have a second-hand sale thingee.

There is also the Lamma forum. Not sure how well you know HK, but Lamma is one of the outer islands. It’s generally considered a more “hippie” sort of place. Rents are cheaper (generally) and there is something of a community.

I live in Lantau, another island, the really big one with the airport on it. Mui Wo where I reside is probably among the cheapest rents ion HK, but it also offers considerable serenity relative to Central or Kowloon, which i loathe.

What sort of work are you looking for? Why move to HK? I’m intrigued.

Feel free to PM me with any specifics you might want to discuss. There’s another HK resident lurking around these boards and quite a few that know the place quite well.


Hi HG,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’d found AsiaXpat but thought it was so basic and general there must be something more… but no! Oh well. I’ll find it again and take a closer look this time.

“What sort of work are you looking for? Why move to HK? I’m intrigued.”

Well, I’m a British lawyer, by training, and also qualified to practice in HK - so despite the fact I quit my career 3 years ago to learn Chinese properly, the cash situation will be getting desperate towards the end of this year, so HK is obviously the best bet. The last time I worked in HK though, I had an apartment provided by the company (Happy Valley, which I loved), so I’ve never had to do all this for myself, so to speak.

Tough decision though. My heart wants to stay in Taipei, but my head is worrying about my CV and income…

Thanks again for your advice!

Icered is a good one - well it once was…

For HK mainly but also has a Singapore flavour. Focussed on work, school and play. Little to no teacher content as far as I recall.