Forumosa Family Day

What about the possibility of a forumosa family day?

One thing I like to do on Sundays is to have a BBQ or something similar and let the kids run off and play whilst I sit around chewing the fat with who ever is a round.

I used to have a friend here in Neihu and we’d do this kind of thing quite regularly. He, unfortunately for me, though great for him I’m sure has moved back to Sydney.

However, a family day could entail any number of scenarios for example a drive down to Fulong or some of the great fishing spots along the way. Or it could just involve getting together at a park somewhere.

What do others think?

I think it’s an excellent idea.

Me and mine would be up for it…time permitting.

You can look after my 13-month-old boy while I drink beer and flirt with other fathers. :slight_smile:

I’m in.

Wow, what a great idea.

Us too!

Lets have some suggestions for the kind of day and set a date. The sooner the better for me.

We could try to make it as convenient for everybody as possible. It must be on a Sunday for me, but I’m prepared to drive. I don’t want to go to any super popular place because of the traffic. I’d really just -prefer to go to a park or up into the mountains. The beach is also fine. It took an hour to drive to Fulong last Sunday and an hour back. It is pretty quick to drive through Pingshi.

My next month of weekends is already inked…:frowning:

However, there is a big river park next to the Dahan river in Ying Ge. It is nothing spectacular, but it is big enough for running around and setting up chairs and such under some trees. There is a basketball court for some hoops and space for an outdoor bbq…or just go to Belgian Pie’s place in SanXia just 10 minutes away from the park…excellent sandwiches, soups and killer ice cream.

Again…I’m not big on overpreparartion. I just like to to go out and play catch…knock some cicadas out of the trees…throw some rocks in the river kind of guy. There is also a pool in san xia that’s not too bad.

Hell, even a half day hike up IN San Xia isn’t out of the question. Or even getting hand prints made for the kids in Ying Ge…or throwing a pot ot two.

Wow…I knew there was reason I moved out here.

Worse comes to worse, we can go to my house in Ying Ge and have a BBQ on the lawn (about 30-35 ping…grass)…but there is a bottle of wine entry fee there. :slight_smile:

Do this sooner than later folks…:slight_smile: I’ll be free in July.

[quote=“Fox”]Lets have some suggestions for the kind of day and set a date. The sooner the better for me.

Sooner sounds good, I’m a spur of the moment type of person… free most weekends…

Maybe start of with something easy like a city park or swimming in a pool and slowly get more adventurous.

great idea, me and the girls would be up for it

The water park at Gongguan! It’s part of the Taipei Water Museum. Except, if your kids are foreign looking then expect to get a lot of attention if there are a bunch of cute foreign kids… kwim?

The Xinsheng Park (but airplanes go overhead, scary for very young ones) is nice because of the shade. Grass for picnics.

There’s also a public pool with a fantastic large kid-sized pool at this park on the corner of Jianguo and Minquan… can’t remember the name of it. Our playgroup spends a lot of time there in the summer time and the kids love that it’s their size.

I have been to the water park in gonguan and it is a nice safe kind of place. Neihu Tahu park has opened a similar facility and it has a large park area (Tahu park) and spas, suanas and steams for the adults. It’s also not as crowed. I wouldn’t like to hit gongguan on a Sunday. However, I’m pretty easy really.

Perhaps we can rotate around. Pick the ideal place closest to your home and then we can move around by weekend. Travel for me is no problem.

I’d like to go to your place Jd, but I’ve been to Yingge on a Sunday before. It’s pretty popular, like perhaps too popular.

I like the Da Hu park idea, nice and close to home :sunglasses: They do have a great kids pool now plus a playground and lots of grass. Most places are fine for us except hiking ugh two small kids.

I’d like to go to your place Jd, but I’ve been to Yingge on a Sunday before. It’s pretty popular, like perhaps too popular.[/quote]

Well, I suggest it because it’s so close to home. :slight_smile:

However, if you take the second highway to San Xia, and head across the bridge to Ying Ge you will see the park as you cross the bridge. You do a U-turn before you get into the crowded area and head back towards the river, under the bridge.

And pretty much nobody uses the park.

Anyway…back to Taipei for you Urbanites! :slight_smile:

As I said up at the top of this thread…I’m out of the game for a month at least…but I’m very interested in seeing home this and the dad’s day out go…

Taiwan CAN be fun. :slight_smile:
and not exhaustively expensive.

I’m up for going to the one in Dahu Park if someone can tell us how to get there. Is there a website?

We’d like to come as well. What are the average ages of the kiddies in this group? My daughter is eight.

I like the Water Play at Dahu Park idea but there are a couple of events coming in the next two weeks and I can’t do two family events in one day.

Tomorrow, we’ll be at the Rummage Sale 9:30am to 1pm (Tai Power MRT Stop), then some of us are planning to go to Dream Community for the Reggae Festival by around 2 or 3pm.

The following Sat, Jun 25, some of us will be at Canada D’eh.

The ones I’ll have along with me range in age from 2 to 8 (a boy). I know that doesn’t really help, sorry.

My daughter is 5 and a half according to her.

Hey!!! How about doing a forumosa family day this weekend? Nothing too difficult, requiring a long drive, or dependent on the weather. How about some of us with young kids getting together at Playspace or somewhere comparable on Sunday?

I’ve never been to Playspace, but here’s what someone said about it elsewhere in forumosa:

[quote]Playspace! Playspace!

It’s a lovely, clean indoor playground not far from where you are staying. Address is: Xinyi Rd. Sec. 4, Lane 265, Alley 20, #22. [/quote]

I think a few people spoke favorably of it before. Can one pay for a single visit there? Would that be a good place for kids age 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and a half? I believe quite a few of us have kids in that range.