"Forumosa" for mainland

I will be moving to Guangdong soon.

Does anyone know of any web sites, similar to this one, but for that geographic area?


Dude, this is the Hotel California.

You can never leave. :wink:

Well, given the love extended by Taiwan’s FAP, it’s insanwe laws and indeed, Forumosa, I’m not surprised Guangdong looks like greener pastures. At least the poster will be able to work there legally with very little threat of being deported over a petty bureaucratic mistake, or worse, wilful duplicity by a fuckwit employer.

I don’t frequent these, but there is an AsiaXpat forum centred on Guangzhou guangzhou.asiaxpat.com/

Here’s an expat magazine online thatsgz.com/index.php?option … e&Itemid=1 Not sure if this is the one I’e seen free in expat n Gangzhou. That was alright.

All the best.