Forumosa Friends banner on index page too damn wide in my br


It would appear that the side banner advertising forumosa friends is a bit too wide - at least the rest of the index page gets compressed a fir bit.

Is this on purpose?

Anyway, here’s a pic of how it looks in my browser:

same problem here. using newest IE on windows XP …

Same here. I’m using a very wide screen, and still that box takes up one-third of the space. Firefox/XP Pro.

Yep, same here. Big, fat, ugly side bar. Begone!

That guy’s too fat, and he should learn to put some spaces between his words.

Too fat and puffy and IRR :fume: ITABLE too ! Ie 7.x

Me too, kind of.

On my main monitor, the side bar takes up about 1/3rd of the screen, but when I drag it to the other monitor (which is wide screen), it only takes up about 1/5th.

XP Pro, Firefox, 1 normal monitor and 1 widescreen monitor.

I think we’re all seeing the same ad. The guy didn’t put any spaces in his text so the page gets stretched.

Can I rant about proper punctuation now?

is this still a problem for anyone?