Forumosa Happy Hour at Alleycat's, Thurs. March 8 at 8:00

March’s Happy Hour will be this Thursday, March 8th, at Alleycat’s, from 8:00 pm until whenever. Alleycat will be letting us know about drink specials later on today. Alleycat’s is located at 6 Lishui Street, Taipei. Their telephone number is (02) 2321-8949. If you’re taking a taxi, you can show the driver the Chinese address: 台北市麗水街6-1號B1. See you there! :beer:

Alleycat’s! Woohoo!!!

I just got off the phone with Senor Alleycat - all drinks $100! :bouncy:

BAM! Count me in. March 8th sounds like a really good time to make me mod of the fun and games forum… :wink:

Ba-bump! :slight_smile:

Who’s in charge of bringing cows to this thing?

No matter how many times I think this phrase over, I still don’t get it.

I thought you were? Didn’t you start a society?

I thought you were? Didn’t you start a society?[/quote]
No, silly. I’m bringing the tall chicks. I can’t be responsible for EVERYthing, can I?
Someone else is going to have to bring the cows.

Kick out the muthafuckin’ jams!

(What are ‘jams’? I never understood that line. Is it rude?)

Apparently blue jam is rather funny, or so I’ve heard.

Nonce sense!

You’re talking out of your shiny metal ass, Iris.

This comment belongs in the ‘British humour is impossible for Americans to understand’ thread. Mr Lizzzzzard.

I won’t be there tonight, but Funk500 says you are all smelly girls and he wants a fight with you all. He is the tall guy.

No food special, right?
I suppose it would have been mentioned if there was.
I’m just asking because, you know, I’m sure other people want to know.
Curse this accursed weather.

Josefus, our prices are already special!

Though I’d loved to have caught up with you all, I can’t make this evening as I’m down with a nasty cold. Curse this @##$$%% weather!

Don’t fret (as if you would). You’ll be in the capable hands of Jenny. She’s much more pleasant and not to mention far better looking.

Have fun and all the best,


I’m glad you said it yourself, so I don’t have to.

I’m glad you said it yourself, so I don’t have to.[/quote]
It had to be said? There’s a surprise. Be sorry to miss you Alan, you fucking malingerer. I’m suffering too, yet I’ll be there, manfully soldiering on.

I’m glad you said it yourself, so I don’t have to.[/quote]

See Sandy. And with a cold, I’m just not fit for public consumption.

Hope you feel better soon.


I’m there! I mean right now. :yummy: