Forumosa Happy Hour at Citizen Cain, Thurs. May 10 at 8:00

Forumosa Happy Hour at Citizen Cain, Thurs. May 10 at 8:00!

Stay tuned for details!

Citizen Cain is at 67 Dongfeng Street, Taipei. Their telephone number is 2708-4557.

Click here for directions.

How smoke-free will it be? Citizen Cain doesn’t have the best ventilation and my allergies and asthma have been non-stop for almost a month now. I’d hate to miss out for health concerns.

CC! Fusion taco!

Same question here. Unfortunately, the venue is poorly ventilated.

Well, let’s make it a non-smoking event for Forumosans, then! Any Forumosans who wish to indulge can always step outside for a smoke, no?

will try to make it.

Citizen Cain wouldn’t enforce an no-smoking policy anyway. They didn’t last time I was there and there was a no-smoking sign on the board.

Just to let you know, Citizen Cain has promised us $100 mixed drinks, and some selected beers at $100 (but I’m not sure which ones).

Citizen Cain also has a new and improved menu, and they’ve also renovated, so be sure to check it out tomorrow night!

Burgers just as good as before. Poutine a bit smaller, but still as nice. And I had such a good time I didn’t mind the fact that I had to use my inhaler three times last night and once this morning, nor the fact that I have had conjunctivitis all day today or having my clothes and purse smell like the bottom of an ashtray.

Okay, actually I did.

Could we avoid places where the air moves around less than the furniture?

Tried to go, but couldn’t find the place… apparently got wrong directions. Next time will cab it :s