Forumosa Happy Hours?

No doubt one of the reasons for seperating Oriented and Segue was due to the fact that the Oriented Happy Hour was being contaminated by all of our nasty unprofessional behavior (hey, I’m not the one who called the cops last time; they just showed up). Is there now going to be a Segue Happy Hour for the those of us who don’t wear suits and ties (or the female equivalent) to work?

Fer Chrissakes, spell it right. It’s sEgUe. :wink:

Buy one get one free BEER next Thursday and co-hosted by Am-Cham???

Should be lots of nudging and winking going on at this one.

Never heard of Chillhouse…

Hmm… actually TC, there were many reasons why .ORG was terminated, but that was not one of the reasons. One of the main reasons was because many years ago, Gus and I had formally incorporated a co. in the ROC to represent the financial activities of .ORG (assuming there was any).

Since I have an ROC ID, I was designated the ‘responsible party’ on paper. Thus, any potential LEGAL liability would have fallen on me. Though we later put the co. “on hold” so to speak (inactive status) in 2000 I think, we checked with the lawyers and confirmed that indeed, if anything should happen, I would still be held fully responsible.

So since we agreed that .ORG would not be commercialized, and since I had a lot less time to volunteer at .ORG in order to work on .COM, it came to a point where I needed to bow out of the .ORG project, and yet, there remained my legal ties to the activities of the site. Gus too did not have the time to actively monitor the discussions either with him in B-school, etc.

Though the chances of a lawsuit were slim to none, the fact that the risk increased proportionately to the growing popularity of the site while the both of us had less and less time to monitor the activities was something we couldn’t not address. (poor grammar, sorry!)

The details get even more complicated, but this is what initiated the split. IN SPITE of your nasty and unprofessional behavior, Poagao, your presence was warmly welcomed, lol…

Okay. Well… can you correct my grammar for me at least? lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that is deep. All that .org and .com intrigue. I just choose .org because it sounds like “orgy”.

Hi TC, thought you could appreciate this, especially if you’ve ever met Bone.

Where’s Chillhouse?

I see that it’s gonna start at 7pm and go to 9pm. Do a lot of people still hang out after 9pm?

We would like to go, but it all depends on the time.

Chill house was last month’s Happy Hour.
This month’s is at Shooters, 26 September.


So that’s this Thursday.

Well, yes.

The mixed audience might… just might also be an opportunity to meed more diverse people than normally possible.