Forumosa in the Chinese Press

A very interesting article about Forumosa – comparing Maoman’s physical characteristics with those of Ma Ying-jeou and his personality with Chen Shui-bian’s – appeared in the Jan. 14 Minsheng Daily, and will be picked up by the GIO’s Taiwan Headlines Web site.

As this is public domain, I’ll post the English translation when I finish it, as well as taking the opportunity to a) use Pinyin for Maoman’s Chinese name and b) use the concept of a “loose” translation to make sure the facts are fairly correct…

Ah, Maoman, the Sun Yat-sen of Taiwanese cyberspace… :smiley:

Here it is…ah, what a Fearless Leader we have in Maoman!!! Apologies for the loose, “breezy” style I adopt for this particular client… :smiley: An online kingdom for Taiwan’s foreign community

Taiwan can point to businessmen from abroad, aborigines, and Hakkas among the numbers of those that seem “foreign”, but there’s another group of “foreigners” afoot on the island.Some of them are right off the boat, while others count as “old hands”, having been in Taiwan for 20 or 30 years.In the past, they were scattered to the four winds, but in recent years, they’ve become to come together as a community, setting up their own little “community kingdom”.
But don’t get nervous

Do you have a link to the Chinese story?

Hehehehehehe… “Healthy” - she means fat… :laughing:

Seriously, there are a few errors in the article, but she gets the gist of it alright. I’m sorry that she didn’t mention Gus, (I even spelled it out for her), but it’s understandable, as the article was originally supposed to be about international couples in Taiwan. Richard Hartzell had suggested my wife and I as a couple to interview (He and his wife were interviewed a couple of weeks ago), but when Richard mentioned Forumosa, the reporter thought that was a much more interesting angle than the non-sensational domestic bliss that V and I share.

Anyway, don’t take it too seriously… :wink:

PS Thanks, Ironlady, for the great translation. :notworthy: :bravo:

That’s pretty cool. Thanks Ironlady.

I guess this thread would be as good a place as any to ask;

Is Forumosa available on the mainland? I imagine they ban sites that dare to criticize the regime. I am sure there are 1 or 2 posts archived hereabouts that do just that. So, anyone know?

As publicity puff pieces go it’s not bad, but notwithstanding Maoman’s above suggestion, I have to say this article irritated me with its rock-hard condescending tone toward “foreigners”

OK, Maoman is more important than what I’ve given him credit for. Thanks Maomaoman. :bouncy:

Let me take this opportunity to thank Ironlady for the translation, too. :notworthy:

Here it is under united daily news’ site:

So that’s what Mr. and Mrs. Mao look like. :sunglasses:

Yes, I have used this site successfully from the mainland.

Yes, I have used this site successfully from the mainland.[/quote]
Wow. Go figure. Thanks Hobbes.

What a great interview! I don’t know about the “every bit as charismatic as Mayor Ma” (Ma’s in his own category) part, but good job, Maoman! You and Gus have created something you should be very proud of.

Can I have your autograph?

Great photo of the two of you!!

Thanks for the translation ironlady.

Free publicity is never bad and this was pretty nice. Thanks for the translation, IronLady.

Nice to see what the Maomans look like, too. :wink:

[quote=“housecat”]Free publicity is never bad and this was pretty nice. Thanks for the translation, IronLady.

Nice to see what the Maomans look like, too. :wink:[/quote]That isn’t what Mr Maoman looks like, must be been photoshopped or something, it’s a very, erm… flattering picture, he’s much more ugly in real life.

[quote]Anthony is the Sun Yat-sen of Taiwan cyberspace[/quote]Gus created Forumosa, so he’s the Sun Yat-Sen. Maoman is more like Chiang Kai-Shek, the evil vicious dictator who took over.

Maoman seems to be in the media more than Jeffu these days.

Please don’t ban me :help: .

So, when do the hoards of Taiwanese that read the article start showing up here to see what we “really think”?

I hope some important people show up. China telecom, the banks, credit card people, the DMV, ICRT, the MOE… then things should get really interesting. :laughing:

Great to see that forumosa is getting some recognition. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

:notworthy: to the chief

If you have any lil’ Mao-girls running around that look like your wife, your in for heaps of trouble later in life… :smiley:

:blush: Ooh and before you ban me, thanks for the countless hours keeping this shack open. :notworthy:

Why no mention of the Maowoof?
Isn’t he a significant member of your family, and therefore, of Forumosa? Come on, he has even made a couple of appearances showing off his handsome little poochy face!

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The Taiwan Headlines version

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