Forumosa in the News

Did you catch the mention of in today’s Minsheng Bao (page C2)

Can anyone video tape the Huashi news tonight? We should be mentioned there, as well. I’d like to keep a clip of it someplace on the website for future reference.

(On that note, does anyone have a copy of the Returned Rice-gate expose sparked by Flicka and picked up on TV at that time?)

What trouble have we caused now ?

“I didn’t do it, Nobody saw me do it, You can’t prove anything.” -Bart Simpson.

I just watched a one-minute report on CTS. They played a call-in from “Anthony” a non-Chinese saying in Mandarin that, “There’s more and more Chinese language on ICRT, there’s more and more news in Chinese.”

The reporter only said that “foreigners in Taiwan are not happy with the current ICRT programming because it has become more Chinese than English.”

Is this the one? I didn’t record it. I don’t have a VCR. Hope someone else did.

Holy crap! And the doubters were saying that this petition thing would come to nought. :laughing:

CTS page on the story is HERE
It seems that the video often gets posted there for older stories, so maybe keep an eye on that page

Great. Now the government is reading us. I’m going to get deported.

I thought Forumosa is an American-hosted website.

Here is the video

God, but I hate listening to myself speak Chinese. :blush: :silenced:

Worth it though. ICRT’s crap at the moment. Many many years ago I used to listen to it. Why bother now? I’ve got the BBC on the internet. If it’s not talking about Taiwan in English, and about issues I actually care about, then I have no intention of ever listening to it.

International? Ha ha ha. In Taiwan “international” means “teachee bad Englishee to gullible Taiwanese”.

People who want “International” news in English listen to the BBC World Service. God even 80s RTHK puts ICRT to shame nowadays. What can I say. Hope they make lots of money. :idunno:

I found the emphasis on 多 pretty cool. “…越來越…越來越…”

You sound like a real local Minnamese speaker speaking Mandarin. :wink:

We’re in the news again! Tune in to Formosa TV English news tonight at 11:00 for coverage of yesterday’s Happy Hour at the Tavern.

The show airs at 11:00 PM tonight. It should be before the first commercial break between 11:00 PM and 11:15 PM. The show is then aired again at 6:00 AM the next morning.

You can see it on cable on channel 53. Formosa TV is a terrestrial TV
station, so I think you can also get it without cable. You will be
able to watch the videocast online the following day, .

The videocast should be at mms://
sometime tomorrow.

The show’s home page is now