Forumosa lay-out on smaller screen lost


when looking at on my sub-laptop (Acer TravelMate) at home the lay-out gets all muddled up, post-windows become three times as wide as the screen, headings overlap, columns are shifted etc… Is there anything I can do about that by e.g. changing the settings of my computer?

Thanks for the help!

Go to “profile” at the top of the page, next to “Lotto”, and scroll down until you see the “Board Style” icon. Choose whichever one works best with your 'puter. :sunglasses:

Hi Maoman,

thanks for your quick reply, I was only able to try your recommendations out at home tonight and it seemss that after changing from the “segue” style to the “BIGGER” style,some order has been restored to the screen, but post windows still stretch far beyond the right hand edge of my table (not to mention screen) and I noted some other things too: having seen your reply on my bigger machine in the office I knew that you used a quote from my original post - this quote is not visible now under the “BIGGER” style …

Also, after signing in (the “sign me in automatically” function has never worked for me here …) when I first entered segue/forumosa tonight and making the style changes, I noticed that I was signed out again after returning to the forum-index from one of the discussion threads (via the “forum” link in the top line).

Thanks anyway!