Forumosa logo color change

What’s the significance for changing the Forumosa logo color?

If you look at the same thing every day one is likely going to feel compelled to fuck with it. If Leonardo Da Vinci kept staring at the Mona Lisa day after day she’d have a mustache and a feather sticking out of her ear now. Sometimes leaving well enough alone just isn’t good enough

It’s a small gesture of respect for a very cool person who has moved on. Cathy Ciou was very important to a friend of mine and former moderator. Although I only met her a few times at Bobwundaye, she was always kind to me and always tried to make this wallflower feel welcome.

I asked if I could put a link to the donations page for Cathy’s family (now on Facebook). Please consider giving something. Like the best moments of Forumosa, Cathy gave freely.

Our masthead stays dark until 8 May. Cheers to you for noticing.

Hmm, I thought I just broke something when it changed.

I don’t have a Facebook account so I can’t visit the page for donations. My best wishes to her family and friends.

Egg on my face

Egg on my face[/quote]

Ah, indeed. And i just recommended your post. That was for the Da Vinci bit, mind.