Forumosa NFL Pick'em contest


That should be a good game too


Wow, what a game in the LA Coliseum. Congrats to @tempogain and the mysterious @surrenr both. Both guys picked the winner and the margin.

Absolutely loved hearing the roar of a big NFL crowd in the Coliseum once again. Nice to know that the NFL can still induce Americans to suffer some traffic on a mid-week evening and fill the old bowl. Way cool to see the resurrection of melon heads in LA.

Rule in fantasy is: if possible, start only running backs, defensive units, and special teams on TNF games. (Usually the offense doesn’t have time to turn things around in only three days.) Not the case this morning. What a shoot-out, both QB’s dropping dimes right and left. Last week the Bills’ Jerry Hughes uncovered the Vikes’ weakness at left tackle, but the Vikings managed to fix that - kind of amazing. Jared Goff throws for 465 yards and 5 touchdowns and earns a perfect 158.3 passer rating - on Thursday night. Wow.

Only downside to this game will the reaction of the owners, who will now be convinced that TNF is not an inherently bad idea. Even though it is in fact an awful, awful idea.

Piece of NFL gold, this one.


Great game! A real shootout. If only I hadn’t started Cook :neutral_face:


I would have done if I had him. Standard fantasy is to go with your RB1s on TNF.

I wonder if the NFL’s rule changes regarding tackling had an effect tonight. No dominant pass defense because on a short week the defense can’t fall back on physical intimidation and missile tackling. Often defensive players recover faster than offensive players, so this (missile tackling) was made viable before the rule change. In this game there were few penalties (6?) and no injuries, resulting in a jewel of a game. Hopefully it’s a trend.

In a shootout like this one the running game never gets unpacked, but I would not have predicted that in TNF.


A lot of talk about the rule changes, but all seems well so far to me. Maybe you’re right about the effects.

Cook seemed to get the bulk of the work while he was in, no point in pushing him late. Next week we’ll see


I’m not that mysterious. I lived in Taiwan 2003 to 2013 and moved back to Cleveland with the wife and kids 5 years ago. I watched that game last night and that is going to be what the NFC conference game will be.



I don’t watch football.




That’s cool. I had no idea.

You might be right about the NFC championship game. I think there’s time for other teams to emerge, though, too. Like the Eagles and the Packers. We shall see.

So how’s Cleveland feeling about Baker Mayfield? You going to a game this year?


Kirk Cousins and Vikings started the season looking good and then pffffttttt.
c’mon, a loss to the bills?
can’t believe mah bears are on top of NFC North (the old Central), but they got Khalil Mack.
Raiders were idiots to trade Mack. he’s a once every decade or two linebacker.


Not making excuses for the Vikes, but that game made it clear the Vikes have major OL problems. The Bills’ Jerry Hughes had to be double-teamed or the OT was beat.

Cousins has like two flaws. One is arm strength, although he’s not weak. The more serious problem is that, for whatever reason, he doesn’t react to pressure on the pocket. He never has; he was this way with the Redskins, too. It’s a simple adjustment, just take one or two steps forward when you feel the pocket collapse. For whatever reason, Cousins won’t do that.

Hurt him in the shootout with the Rams, too, but his OL did much better.

Anyway, the Vikings didn’t collapse against the Bills, they were beat. They got problems with their OL and their QB.


Then you are sure to be the champion. Welcome and congrats!


You can watch NFL games live with an Amazon Prime Video subscription (yes, in Taiwan). I just noticed it over the weekend. If you’ve never subscribed before, it’s US$2.99 a month for the first 6 months.


honestly…$2.99 a month gets you free NFL games?
this would be all over the Internet, no?
Because I’ve searched high and low for cheap sports-only packages and that would certainly show up on Google search.


Yup. I just did this screen cap of one of the upcoming games (in the browser).

If you have a device with the Prime app (eg. xbox or PS3/PS4) you can view it through that on your TV, or on your phone or tablet, computer or whatever. This app is basically like Netflix.

$2.99 a month for 6 months, $5.99 after that.


I think it’s only TNF


I’m not sure. Come to think of it, I did find it on Friday and gave it a go… so that would have been Thursday night. Though their banner didn’t really make that clear.


Alright so as y’all may have noticed from me forgetting to make them picks, I not super interested in football. But as they are my “home team”, even not as a Rams fan I’m still somewhat piqued by the Saints game.

The Rams have been hot but the Saints have a home dome (:wink: ) advantage. Brees is also doing really well lately. How do y’all feel about this game?


I picked the Saints because in the Brees era they’re tough to beat indoors, in their house when it’s winterish outside. Their secondary is ridiculously rank, like the Chefs, but also like the Chefs their offense is loaded.

Anyway. Cowboys lose Sean Lee when down by a TD, Vrabel runs Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry down their throats in the second half, and the Titans (are about to) come away with the win in Dallas. There are so many echoes of history in almost every nation. Tennessee had so much influence on early Texas history, and now we see them school Texas once again.

Fucking Dallas. Dallas and the Ravens, I can never tell what they’re going to do.


As things draw to a conclusion, I’ll try to do a wrap up. Right now the mysterious @surrenr has a solid 13 point lead over @bojack, with moi and @liub within striking range. Liub won the coveted yellow cap this week with 10 wins. Most others got 8 or 9. @gaboman you got to be in it to win it!