Forumosa Oct. Happy Hour at the Post Home, Friday the 13th!

That’s right, Friday the 13th for Forumosa’s very first Happy Hour at the Post Home! :beer: As usual, the festivities start at 8:00, and will go til late. There will be margaritas for $110, beer will be only $80NT a bottle all night long for Forumosans, and standard drinks will be only $100! Stay tuned for food specials! The Post Home is located at Zhongshan North Road, Section 6, Lane 35, No.31, (Tianmu) Taipei. Their telephone number is (02) 2835-6491.
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Shaping up to be a popular event I see… that figures as potentially it will coincide with me being in Taiwan. :s

I will probably go as long as the chief promises to introduce me to TPFKAT.

I would have come, but Tienmu is just not on my way. Too bad…

Tianmu is a bit far away, but I guess public transportation not’s too horrific. What MRT station (or better yet bus stop) is that near?

ZhiShan on the red line. Or green? Near Azerbaijan, down the road from the dark side of the moon.

Is it very near this Zhishan MRT station?
Could somebody post a map? Or clear directions from the MRT station? My ability to find things completely sucks.
Thank you le!

It’s really close to some MRT station or other, come out of it and head towards Zhongshan Road, then turn left in the last road before Zhongshan and it’s on the right.

Does the 74 bus pass by there? If so, that would be most convenient for me to get to that remote location.

Where is the post home? Beer? I heard there’s a guest chef from the bronx? How many?

Chung Shan Rd. Go North. When you cross the bridge into section 5, at the bottom of the bridge there is a light. Look to the buildings on your left and you should see a sign for Post 49. On the backside of that building, you will find the Post Home.

Looks like I’m in. :slight_smile:

This just in - The Post Home is offereing Forumosans a special menu:

Mexican Plate (Beef or Vegetarian)
Burrito, Taco, Refried Beans & Mexi-Rice


Chicken Quesdillas
Includes Refried Beans & Mexi-Rice

Again, all bottled beers (except for Boddingtons and Guiness) are $80, and all standard drinks are $100, with Margaritas for $110 and tequila shots for $100, or buy 2 and get one free! :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s also Mrs. Maoman’s 28th birthday, so come and wish her a Happy Birthday!

I go to that area sometimes - ZhongShan Rd. Sec. 6 is very near Zhishan MRT station. When you get out of Zhishan station, look at the map and you’ll see 中山北路 just down the street. Shouldn’t be more than a 100 NT cab ride from the MRT.

Even though Tom won’t be there he is urging people to still attend.
This one is for MaKe…

I once lost my wallet to a ‘Ghanaian handshake.’ It goes like this… A young woman walks up to you in the street, and puts her hand down your pants. She greets your old boy with a shake and says, “Nice to meet you, I’m from Ghana.” Once you have shaken off the initial delight at having your thing grabbed, you back away. Moments later, she is gone, and you find your wallet missing. The Ghanaian handshake.

So if you are standing at the bar on Friday night, and jdsmith walks up to you and says, ‘Hello, I’m from Ghana,’ run screaming.

100NT cab ride? It’s a three minute walk. :beer:

Will people get together back in town afterwards? Tien Mu is a bit scary for me.

Why is it not on a Thursday? Have I missed some threads?

If it ain’t raining, I can offer someone a ride from Taipei city to Tienmu. No solid guarantee on the ride back though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lurkers, first-time posters, long-time posters all welcome. PM me if someone wants a ride.

I’m a friendly sort of fellow, really.

So see, more people ought to show up. I’m even offering to play chauffeur!

Lupillus, what was all the hitching stuff about if you have your own wheels? I’d take up your offer but am not sure I would feel safe!

Well, you don’t get to meet interesting people if you just ride around on your own, you know. The kindness of strangers and all that.

Awwwwww come on. I promise I won’t drop you. :smiling_imp: