Forumosa Photo Trips - Neiwan line, Sun 30th July

The first Forumosa Photo Trip will take place on Sunday 30th July along the Neiwan line in Hsinchu county. The plan is to head out along the Neiwan line and see what we find. There’s some Hakka villages, mountain scenery, a river, suspension bridges etc.

Anyone who’s interested in photography, from beginner to pro, should come along.

Meet at Hsinchu station, time TBC. (Any suggestions on what time will be gladly accepted).

See this thread for more info.

Also, I’ll probably be in Hsinchu on Sat 29th, so if anyone wants to do some street shooting, let me know.

I am interested in this but I live in Taipei, how long would it take me to get to where you guys are meeting ? Anyone else from Taipei heading up for this ?

I’m certainly interested in this. Let me know what time to meet at Hsinchu Train Station.

Hsinchu is about an hour’s train ride from Taipei.

As for time - there’s a train to Neiwan at 12.10 and the next one is 13.34. I think either of these would be good. Which would everyone prefer? I’ll give a final time confirmation in a couple of days, after I see what you guys think.

If anyone needs to contact me, send a PM, email cfimagesATgmailDOTcom, or call 0915769739.



12:10 gets my vote

Ok, the 12.10 train it is. Meet at Hsinchu station sometime before that - say 11.45-12.00.

If anyone wants more info, call me on 0915769739. I’ll be away from my computer from now until we meet, so won’t be able to answer email or pm.

I won’t be coming, though it sounds interesting.