Forumosa political standing test


Scores of Civil axis are different.


No big surprise.


Is this an actual political stance?


I think it’s usually called anarcho communism. First time I hear it defined as LIBERTARIAN communism -_-

They make it sound as if libertarian = anarchist, which is not really correct.


I agree, I get called a lot of things, but “Libertarian” ain’t ever been one of them.
I’ve always ascribed to the old adage that Libertarians are just Republicans who want legal weed.

Anarcho Communism is a more accurate designation.


Classical Liberalism also sound about right (after checking Wikipedia)




My guess is if more than 70% liberal, they are libertarians.


You need to charge your phone.


Liberalism has social policies which differentiate it from libertarianism, so “social liberal” sounds a bit redundant to me.

“Social libertarianism” doesn’t have anything libertarian about it. From the wiki page it sounds like wannabee communists who know that:“We’ll steal your stuff and create equality for all” isn’t a great slogan, so they hide the:“steal your stuff” part and add it on the “to do” list once they get in power.


I always fail at multiple choice…



Almost thought that was mine for a split second.


It’s really complicated: copy and paste.


Didn’t work for me. I had to screenshot and crop it.



surprisingly common result so far. seems kind of meaningless though


So now the people who gripe about the forum being flooded with alt-right fascists can STFU. :grin:


It doesn’t seem to be a very thorough or exact quiz. I think it’s impossible to really gauge somebody’s political stance based on their answers to 70 questions. Too many nuances that are bound to be missed.


Seems I’m slightly more moderate than you on each axis.


Jah, I ended up going Neutral on several because the question was kind of stupidly reductive, like “What’s the best thing in the whole world, Camaros or baby alligators?”