Forumosa political standing test


Hmm, still wonder what their relationship with Facebook is.


They simply used facebook’s login API as a way to verify unique logins, no different from candy crush and tons of other phone apps.

I have absolutely no love for facebook, so if I have a choice not to sign in with facebook, I won’t. At the same time, some people would rather not give out their email address. It’s just a matter of preference.


I’ll still probably give it a miss. The less a university in “Virginia” knows about me, the better.


Soros funds some universities in Virginia.


Soros doesn’t scare me…it’s the spooks that scare me.


I knew it was him. Even when it was Facebook and the university of Virginia. I knew it was soros




Jonathan Haidt is associated with the project; he writes about it in his (excellent) book The Righteous Mind


I find it hilarious that Milker and BD won’t even give Jonathan Haidt’s work a chance. Oh the irony.

Jonathan Haidt is the most anti-PC, pro-republican scholar in social sciences these days XD


He’s certainly on that spectrum!


His book is actually on my reading list and in my Kindle. I plan on reading it when I have a little time, but I’ve been really busy lately.


What’s this got to do with me?


You’re a right-wing fanatic. Didn’t you know? :grin:


Cause you implied that study by Haidt might be connected with Soros?


That’s an ongoing joke about Soros conspiracy theories.


Never heard this one. Where is this joke told? How does it go?


Several posters have been linking anything bad or unfortunate with Soros.



Oh, that one. Got it.