Forumosa seems quieter

Forumosa seems quieter, and not quite as frenetic over the last couple of weeks, since it last went down.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why?

SOP. This is how it works here. Its never been at a static level, but goes up and down in cycles. Now is a quiet cycle. Won’t last, don’t worry. :wink:

I think it’s nice. After work I don’t have to come home and look through three pages of new posts. :laughing: It definately gives me more free time.

True, I’ve had more free time to get other things done.

Like exercise and clean the house! :sunglasses:

it might be that so much is floundered and chaps cant be bothered posting

I think it’s because it’s so hot everyone’s just laxing in front of the aircon instead of the computer. :laughing:

Summer schools starting soon. Just a guess. It maybe moderators bragging about quiz scores here, on certain threads too. :bravo: for them though.

I don’t understand why you feel the site is “quieter” - our number of posts per day have held up (approx 450 per day). Most I’ve ever seen so far is 500 posts in one day (last month). I think late last year we were averaging about 300 posts per day.

or by “quieter” do you mean less flaming?

Just feels quieter. Nothing more, nothing less.

I kinda miss the whining, “Why was my post floundered?” or the ever popular, “He/She called me a bad name” threads.

We might need some more, “I’m leaving and I want every one to watch.” type threads…those thespian dirtbags were always good for a high post count. :laughing:


Or maybe it’s because serious topics that generate interest also generate a level of emotion that this site won’t tolerate. I’m thinking of the “smoking” threads of late. That was an example of a conversation that didn’t need to get dissected and floundered. I don’t post as much for a few reasons, but one is that my interest level has reduced over time after seeing several interesting threads disappear to avoid offending sensibilities.

I wish more controversial topics could be discussed without ending in a huff or oblivion.

If it gets too quiet, let me know. I could start cussing at mofangongren. That would get things shaking in a hurry.


This site needs a fight room. Anything goes type of thing. Refer to other posts and whatnot.

The first rule of Fight Room is…

The first rule of Fight Room is…[/quote]

You’ve probably seen this… but, here are the top 100 movie quotes.

No rules!

The first rule of Fight Room is…[/quote]

You’ve probably seen this… but, here are the top 100 movie quotes.[/quote]

What. Me neither.