Forumosa, segue or phormosa?

forumosa, segue or phormosa?

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I won’t state any of my opinions 'till after others have responded (to keep things “fair”). How do you feel about a name switch?

Definitely “Forumosa”. :sunglasses:

I like the name forumosa as it has a Taiwan connection. The only thing linking segue to taiwan was the .tw at the end of the domain. My only concern is that if the domain name is changed some people won’t be able to find the site anymore although I assume there will be some sort of redirection from the old domains.

:shock: Why the change? Segue was a perfect name.


I like the name “segue,” too, but is not available and I cringed at the sound of is registered under the company of a friend and the URL will expire next year. In Taiwan, you must be a registered company to apply for a domain name (well, there are tricks around this requirement, but are difficult to do and require more Guanxi (the “real” kind) than I can muster)

So, eventually, we’d have to switch to a .com name anyway. The questions became WHAT and WHEN, and not “why”

Originally, I wanted to throw this out to the community to come up with a name most people would dig. What can I say, I’m a card-carrying Democrat – holding elections and polls is a natural. The tricky part about this is that if we were to put up a poll or called for suggestions, the coolest names would likely be cyber-squatted upon before we could make a decision. So, so much for a public suggestion pool.

One of the cool names we came with ourselves is and I figured when we’d come up with another name, we’d be in a better position to run a poll.

Then, a friend of mine came up with (which I found a little more “neato” than, which he realized when he was trying to type Formosa very quickly apparently

So that’s the story behind “WHAT”

Outta the blue (well, for me, at least), our old web host couldn’t handle the heavily modified phpBB we’d evolved into. For me, it was time to move web hosts. This sets up the WHEN question.

Some have complained about the name changes and I agree it is unfortunate. I am not trying to make it difficult for people to find us, but instead there have been real reasons why the changes were made.

I’m pretty certain that this is the last switch :slight_smile: I’ll make sure that visitors to the old URLs are more clear that is where it’s “happening” now. Imagine: there are still people who post new jobs at the ol’ job board (gotta do something about that)

On the new URL:
There are zillions of Google links that still point to Hell, there are google hits that still point to the forums at! How come these things never expire over time?

Thanks for the explanation.

This bit of text in your signature does not link to anywhere…

btw, how did you hear about Segue Taiwan? (pls post here)

Quite a few of these popping up.

How did i hear…Stu of Nazarteth told me. Don’t know his alias here so you’ll have to figure tht out. Save a segue cap for me. I’m shopping now.

4Mosa is better.


Uh… would like to buy a Segue cap but do not want to pay the extra 7$ annd wait 4 weeks. Are they available here in Taiwan?


I dont’ care what you call the baby, as long as it is working.

I found Segue when I was googleing for information regarding how to get my local driver license, after driving without one for more than 9 years.
Based on the information I found here, it was a piece of cake, so now I don’t need to fear being stopped when I am speeding :smiling_imp:

BTW, thanks a lot for an informative and entertaining web-site. You are doing a great job :smiley:


Forumosa is a good name, only I’m not looking forward to once more combing through my old posts to change the internal URLs that point from one thread to another. (Note the plea to tell me about broken links, which noone has ever done.) The search engine spiders will find the new pages soon enough.

Edit choices to show TLD?

I prefer having a .com to a – less risk of confusion

Phormosa sounds like a secretion.
Segue sounds like a gay site, as did Oriented.
Forumosa sounds camp.

But really, isn’t this all moot? Isn’t the name decided already?

(You are wondering what I like? Is there no way to use something clearer like Formosa-online or Taiwantalk, for example? Does it have to be cute too? Why not then:,,,

I like forumosa. It’s clever (but not too clever), and to the point.

Just in case I missed something, can someone explain the following two names in detail? I read details about the “Segue” name already.


New to Taiwan Ali?

i found while checking out some picks at

you need to get the word out quickly on the name change, possibly making some posts on other taiwan related msg boards, or redirecting links etc etc…people on the internet tend to give up on a site once their link is dead pretty quickly :!:

ps there is absolutely no hits at the moment for if you do a search for any combination using Segue on Google unless you specifically use the word “forumosa”.

i hate the new name

No, I am not new to Taiwan. I have just been very passive while keeping my head stuck deep in my work.

Maybe there are others who are not totally confident they understand the full background behind these two names and would like to learn more about the names for which we will be associated with. Can everyone answer a newbie when asked about the names? Here are my guesses:

  • forumosa (combination of forum and Formosa?)
  • phormosa (sounds like Formosa?)

why don’t we brainstorm for new names…
how about