Forumosa (Taichung) clubs?

Is anyone else interested in starting a Taichung chapter of the Forumosa game, hiking, or anything social club?

I’m not complaining about Forumosa being Taipeicentric (Yes, it is!), but let’s face it, traveling to Taipei is a pain in the arse.

Great idea! :bravo: Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist you! :slight_smile:

I guess the first thing would be to decide what kind of club we should start first.

Games? Hiking? Cycling?

Any other suggestions?

Why not? It seems though that the Taichung Forumosa folks are lazy, that includes myself of course. Can’t be bothered to look for the Forumosa Taichung Happy Hour thread right now, that was a good example…

While I am at it, why don’t you organize a Forumosa Taichung Happy Hour as a starting point for the club?

A capital idea! However, I’m new to the area. Can anyone recommend a place? Should it be on a weekend, or a weeknight? If a weeknight, Wednesday is best for me.

I haven’t been going out much recently, only been to one pub, I have forgotten the name and I wouldn’t recommend it anyhow. Anybody?

I’ve approx 800 e-mails of foriegners in Taichung. Let me know what your planning & I’ll foward your info to them to help drum up support.

Also contact the 3 magazines in Taichung & I’m sure they’ll assist.

The Londoner

Thanks, Paul. I’ll come up with a plan and let you know.