Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


That’s pretty sad, man.
If @Rocket can get in, you know they got the bar pretty fuckin low.

Maybe they just have, you know, an anti-jackbooted Kommissariat stooge filter? :idunno:


Does the guy with the tattooed face post on Taiwanease? Because I’d love to see his posts.


They seem to focus more on two things I see. Food and entrepreneurship in Taiwan. Looks like they have regular group meetings for one or the other or both.


Ah, the tragedy of the split. What irked me most was that Forumosa was/is a community thang (me big on community spirit). So the very last thing you do is split that love down the middle, separate it. Yet that is exactly what happened.

I’m rather glad Taiwanease has shrivelled and waned, although we lost some valuable posters from here who never returned.


Is that the case? I know a life time ban was dished out, but other than that I can only think of one poster who has chosen not to be on here out of choice.


People move on. It was a wild ride for a while, and this place seemed weak tea to what happened irl. There was a LOT of drama for a long time. Lots of posters in the day still reside in Taiwan, but a good chunk of them live on only through Facebook now. I asked to come back to see if I could get in touch with those who are not on FB but who I knew well flobside. So far, it’s been a bust. :frowning:

As for being permanently banned, it happened, but it’s really a semantic thing or whether or not one wishes to show contrition to the powers that be to come back. lol



When someone gets a background check on them for high-level employment, it can often be a Fordham or equivalent graduate investigating a Yale or Harvard person. The background differences are ironic.

Likewise, in old times, you had maple-syrup English teachers and their in-crowd banning old Asia hands, ex-soldiers, lawyers, authors, corporate globalists, and some pretty amazing folks.:face_with_monocle: It was Hess banning the diversity rainbow. :joy::grin:


Don’t forget the filthy lawyers.


Does forumosa need an annual cage fight? I can get a full-size regulation octagon set up for people to duke it out once a year where anyone can call out anyone. It could be a good deterrent for out of line personal attacks when one knows they can be called out or just finally squash some petty stuff in a healthy way. Could be a nice charity event for the community and fun entertainment for people to work all that repressed anger out in a regulated way.



But you’d win, Andrew0409. I think a pop quiz might be fairer.


I think there are a couple other guys who trains in martial arts. BJJ guys prob have a good chance once they take me down where I have no chance. And it’s not about winning. And I’m far from the best fighter in the island. I think it would be good sport for people. I can’t thibk for any other sport one person takes on another in the same way.


Yes, but do you have beef?


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Not with anyone. But I’d be happy to take a challenger if they would like to take a shot. It’s all in good sport at the end. I just see it as that, you walk in with whatever you got. You walk out with respect for the other. It’s not some physical meaningless carnage.


How about we start in an arm triangle and I’ll gouge yer eye while you break the hold? :wink:


Like I said, I’ve got zero wrestling, bjj training. Once you get me on the ground, you can be 50kg my lighter and prob take me with training. And I know some boxers from back in the army times that can probably kick my ass still. Like this fella, never underestimate your opponent and stay humble as a student of martial arts.

I think you guys are taking it way to seriously. Perhaps we can chug a beer to start and between rounds to make it more entertaining and enticing to some of ya.


How about a game of Othello


Maybe my wisdom would have a better reception there.


you got good new ones like me instead , Pease out


One could post on both but that defeats the entire purpose in terms of convenience & critical mass. Does anybody have to post on FB and then post again on a FB competitor? FB did have competitors, anyone remember Friendster? These kind of business models have room for one.