Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


What’s the connection with ABCs? Is Gain of Chinese descent? I didn’t know. He did reveal in the age poll he’s 22-25. My point is that young idealists are often the most vocal/dogmatic about things but then are often forced to become more practical/pragmatic by the realities of life.


Somebody got to do it.
He might be a bitter little misandrist contrarian, but he’s fuckin OUR bitter little misandrist contrarian, damn it.


They say we are all old curmudgeons over there but admit in the same sentence that Forumosa is where they get all their living in Taiwan information from.


Or exchange students from places like Belgium

cough@BelgianPiecough :wink:


Wasn’t referring to Gain but what I think is the demographic of that subreddit generally speaking
I also post there under a different name. You better follow the narrative though or the down votes pour in :slight_smile:


I honestly thought Gain was a lot older since he’s into a relatively ancient sitcom like ‘Friends.’


Friends reruns were popular in Taiwan long after their expiration date.


‘Friends’ hasn’t aged well like ‘Seinfeld.’ Most people who were into it back in the 90s are kind of embarrassed to watch it now.


Plus, I think some of his earlier posts kinda gave away his age bracket. Figured he was twenty-something. And I think he is just straight up Taiwanese, not an ABC, but I don’t know for sure.


And the ones who aren’t embarrassed are just the Sex in the City fans.


It’s a great way to learn colloquial American English though.


Boy, it’s going to be a party when Gain finds this thread.


He should be waking up soon, it’s still early in the UK.


Wasn’t there already a whole thread where he defended Friends?


Was it any good? I’ve never seen it.


I did not care for the Godfather


Do you like hackneyed sitcom tropes, unlikeable and selfish protagonists, a gratingly intrusive laugh-track, and super dated gay jokes? Because then, sure, it’s great. :man_shrugging:


Wow. guess I ain’t missing nothing. Why is it so freakin popular then???

ETA: Please belay my last, that might be the stupidest question I’ve asked this year




I’m the walking talking directory!