Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


Gain is older. He’s 26+


Well, then he lied on the poll in the “how old are you?” thread.

(also who is pink M and how come he is simultaneously every age?)


Idk why y’all are so obsessed with me.

Btw I didn’t lie in the age poll, though I wouldn’t have voted had I known it wasn’t anonymous.


He could be Doctor Who, but then I guess he’d be pink D


… and the next day, we exceeded 1,300 posts! Then again, Thursdays and Fridays are the heaviest posting days of the week on Forumosa

1,000 posts

I wouldn’t join anything Maoman made. He can’t remain unbiased as a mod and deeply favors and pushes his own ideology. You’re not allowed to disagree or question him.

I got booted because I said that him saying Jesus would embrace homosexuality today is simply unfounded. He got so mad over this.

I said being brave, courageous, physical and aggressive, assertive and competitive are masculine virtues and traits. Him and his people started to attack the shit out of me. Insane.


And how that was ridonkulously evident during the run up to Trump’s win. :roll:

And don’t forget how he protects his more awfuller mods :banana:

It was fun to prove him wrong once or twice though. Like put a smile on my face fun.

"I expect you will come to terms with this more easily than Bubbha has the whole election, Anthony. :lol:

Na na na na hey hey

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Re: Trump’s offences

Post|11x9by maoman » Fri Dec 16, 2016 08:14

Fair enough - I concede that I may have jumped to conclusions here. But it’s STILL going to be a looong thread.

That thread lasted 1.5 more pages. He was wrong there too. :whistle:

Anyway, Merry Christmas Anthony. My best to you and yers.


I used to think he was a decent guy but you can see his true colors on certain subjects if you say something that isn’t in line with his personal beliefs. I thought once was a fluke, we all have certain things we feel passionate and strongly about. But I’ve see him do this multiple times now and being really nasty and unreasonable.


Reminds me exactly of certain posters on this site. I didn’t know any of this about maoman. If its true, then I guess good riddance and he got his just desserts at the other flop of a site.


I can’t see that we’ve got much to gain by personal attacks on MM here. Bear in mind we’ve got mods working both sides. :popcorn:


He’s on here and he’s is the guy running site we are talking about. If he wants to say something, he’s open to. No ones hiding. Everything I said I’ve said to him already. Guy tries to come off as a good guy trying to help. But you see how he is on certain topics. Insanely biased and unreasonable as a mod, has a double standard for himself on the rules. I’ve not seen many cases of the mods here doing that even in heated disagreements. That’s why I don’t go on this forum anymore.

Why does it matter there are mods on both sides?


Exactly…you’ve said it to him already. Personally, the numbers speak louder than words. There’s no point rehashing old grudges.


I’m just saying why I don’t use it compared to this place. It’s my first time in this thread. I said why. That’s it.




Sometimes one wonders “Is it just me who sees this? Or am I just keeping silent about it?” I chime in because I know first hand what Andrew says is true. I don’t want him to feel it is all him during the sad season. It’s a mini-metoo moment. :wink:

Yes, Andrew, he was biased. Nothing new to humanity there.

Agreed. I put up my posts above in jest, and one hopes he gets it.


You better watch your attitude, young man, or @the_bear is likely to kick your NT$5 ass out of the car and make you walk to school…


Yeah, except I don’t have a car, or a daughter, but yeah…


I appreciate the support.

Not going to say much more, just putting my experience and why I don’t go on taiwanease anymore. Was never avid poster but looked around here and there. Not much going on there anyways.


Who needs a daughter when you got @Andrew0409??


I don’t bully people. I don’t like bullies so he’s good.