Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


Anyone know why they changed from ‘taiwanease’ to ‘taiwaneasy’? I thought the former had a better & more clever ring to it.


Some people just live with it and don’t talk about it.


Actually no, not for a long while now.


Andrew are you sure you wouldn’t say the same about some of us posters or mods here ? We’ve all got our touchy subjects.
Have to be even handed right…

I’ve been banned by the mods here for weeks at a time and I don’t think it was fair . Still don’t. It’s not all sweetness and impartiality here either. There’s some thin skinned stubborn mods here. We all get along to get along that’s all.

I contributed some MAJOR traffic to this site, such as the air pollution thread, but they still moan if I correct a spelling in a title back to its ORIGINAL title (which I can do as a Regular ). Petty stuff.

The owner here is MIA except for to post some Google stats from time to time.

Now you notice I couldn’t be arsed putting in some proper original content cos what do you get back ?


You’ve got to be fair and come out with names of 'certain posters ’ on this site .

Which posters ? :grin:

Otherwise…Sorry no credibility.


Also I advise this site to do better SEO, Reddit should not be appearing at top of Google search results. This place should be.


Shows how often I visit that site. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I wondered about him when reading thru this thread.


I’ve purposefully left names out to avoid further back & forth useless bickering (at least on this thread), and if you think that means I have no credibility, you are entitled to your view.


Well you are happy to call out Maoman but not others.

So yea , sorry, no credibility because Maoman is a soft target in this case.

Were you here when Maoman was a mod or posted or is it just hearsay you are working off?


actually, if you’ve seen my posts on other threads, i have called out other people by name & more than once. but they were not related to this subject of forumosa vs taiwanese. ok, i have no credibility. you’re certainly entitled to that view and can repeat it as many times as you want.


I wasn’t the one who started this targeting of Maoman.


Happy to join in though…?

Look if you are going to jump on people just on hearsay, don’t expected to not get called on it.


Maoman almost didn’t let me join the other site because he didn’t like the name “Dr. Milker.” True story…


With all due respect to the big D, isn’t “BiggusDickus” even more contraversial? I suppose he wouldn’t be allowed in either?


What the fuck is wrong with the name Dr Milker?




Haha that’s whack …Why ?

I didn’t post on Taiwanese because for some reason my password and account wouldn’t login properly and I couldn’t be arsed registering again. There’s some great characters that moved on to that site, but unfortunately no traction there.


I guess Milker sounded lewd to him or something. He made me promise I wouldn’t post anything “inappropriate” before he approved me.


Were you known for inappropriate posting previously ? :grin: