Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


So kind of sounds then like Taiwanease is the happening place and Forumosa is yesterdayville. Note to self.


It seems you don’t understand Taiwanese humour!


If you like “up n comers”, yes.
If you think the “older the ginger the spicier it is”, no. (Chinese saying like the older the berry the sweeter the juice)


Which reminds me of


As the OP, I should clarify: I don’t mean to ask which is better, but more like why two forums with almost identical design and a lot of overlapping users? The forums don’t in and of themselves foster different content, so it’s like deciding betweein driving a white Ford Tauras or a black one. Just wanted to know everyone’s opinions.

(It seems the black Taurus gets far less mileage, though…)


There was a civil war and a split.


Well, well, well.
This is a fine state of affairs.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
What manner of fuckery is this?
Some demented pissing contest, or more of blaming whose dick might or might not be limper, at any given moment.

I for one could not give a toss, and while some of you jokers might hold past grudges, what for?
It is what it is. We all know that. We also choose where we post, in the main. Some of us choose one site, some of us the other, and still some others do both.
So what?

It does neither site any good in the long run to have threads such as this. It is entirely unprofessional, utterly assinine, and mere drivelish wankering.
The banality of evil, is a quote that comes readily, to be mined in this thread.

So, Pogue Mahone!


You should make your thoughts known to 914 then as they have total autonomy over this forum and the contents of it. You don’t want this site to host a discussion about why there are now two sites? Go tell the owner.

if you don’t give a toss then you don’t give a toss. I don’t give a toss about scuba diving, so I try not to go to places where people discuss scuba diving and ask them why they care about it. The act of saying you don’t care in a place where your opinion is unsolicited means that you do care.


Anyway, don’t you like freedom of speech? Haven’t you seen both the site owner and the top daddy mod giving recommendations in this very thread? Maybe you just don’t like where you work anymore. :laughing:


I was about to reply that Maoman had explained by PM (not publically) the reasons for the Parting. He did not at all criticize Forumosa ,just had a difference of opinion.I thought it was very fair and honourable.
The thread was interesting ( bar a few silly comments as is usual on EVERY thread) but you have locked it.
I WANT to hear ALL the opinions from EVERYBODY…that’s what a lively Forum should be…,fine if you want to be selective and only allow posts you think we should discuss…I don’t think many of the regular posters would agree. If that is you policy,let me know? It does not seem reasonable to me and I will move on . :ponder:


Coke Vs Pepsi.
One came after the other.
Both are not good for you.
We partake (takepart) in them.
Some like one, some like the other.
Some like both.
Some don’t care, which is which.
Some do.


Yup ! I just hope we are able to discuss…Maybe I spend too much time on here,but I have 3 PC screens going…keeps me awake,almost :slight_smile:


I didn’t commented on the last so hello there!


Hello…I think we can sneak some discussion in before 914 wakes up…She is a busy Lady :slight_smile:


I have to say ,I have not really posted on Taiwanease yet. I may be wrong,but there was not much actual traffic to respond to. I should check it out more. As mentioned before,it’s good to have the “floating” option sometimes. I do enjoy Forumosa …just a little concerned at the variation of opinions,in terms of Moderation,as it can vary Mod to Mod. I mainly enjoy the “banter” but will post advice if I feel qualified (sometimes not qualified) to pass it on.A bit of naughtiness is a good thing…keeps us sane(ish)


iv been invited to 'ease, believe it or not, but I really havent spent more then a few mins there. One day I shall. But at the moment i thought its refreshing to keep it tommy free (so all those allergic can be at peace on those shores). Hvnt been to moronmosa yet.

im kinda comfy not expanding my presence tho. I only have one screen and i gotta use that for “other uses” as well :slight_smile:


See guys, I was right when I called it a sensitive topic. :smiley:


This is what I mentioned to superking…

Like skoster, I found Forumosa first, but I found Taiwanease about the same time. The biggest reason why I chose Forumosa is the quality of discussion. Another reason, which is also pretty significant… is that the art and font of forumosa seems more work-friendly…

yeah, there, i’ve said it.

if I want to browse Taiwanease at work, it just seemed too colorful to seem work related. Where as forumosa has a minimalist appearance. So I just need to scroll down enough so that the red Taiwan isn’t showing.


uh, we’re going to change the design pretty soon.

It’s not gonna be kaleidoscopic the way Tease is, but its definitely gonna be different. Not THAT different, but different


GE, For me,the "character of Forumosa is, partly,the People who contribute regularly. Some very amusing,stubborn,humorous,silly and intelligent contributors.Makes posting interesting.I struggle to integrate my puerile sense of humour into daily life (with the Taiwanese) and I miss that interaction.That goes for many Countries actually!.
Hoping you don’t employ anyone,for your update, who changed Hotmail (Microsoft) system recently. Forumosa just wouldn’t, ever, work properly again. :ponder:


I keep getting the back of my hands slapped and a broom beat over my head, but I keep coming back. I have such low self-esteem :cry: