Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


You were sayin?.. get a dose of reality. :wink:

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I kind of love both sites :laughing:


Reminds me of ‘Dear Leader’. Both chubby and likable.


In the interest of full disclosure here, though I believe we have discussed it previously, that was me. (Again as I remember admitting) my suspension of you in that instance was a mistake and wouldn’t be repeated today. Certainly it was nothing personal against you.

Leaving that unfortunate incident aside, no offense, but you don’t always strictly observe the letter of the site rules on personal attacks. I haven’t looked but I strongly suspect that may have been a factor in your suspension history.


Some of us yearn for a few hours of academic solitude every day.


Amen to that. If it isn’t other people needing stuff it’s my noggin not being able to focus. :doh:


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Hi everyone, its been 3+ years since the last post on this thread. With the passage of more time, I wonder if anyone has anything to add or reflect upon on this subject?

Its been mentioned previously that why bother with 2 different forums which seem to serve the same purpose in such a small market. That reasoning is as valid as ever IMO.

Comparing user activity now vs say 10 years ago, it seems to have drastically gone down at least on several specific sub-forums. And one of the reasons for that has to be dilution caused by 2 sites serving the same purpose.


I look at it this way. After the breakup, one forum had a midlife crisis, bought a sports car, started having age-inappropriate relationships, going on drunken benders. He’s kind of obnoxious and makes people feel uncomfortable sometimes, but he’s still a lot of fun.

The other forum remarried, had kids and settled down to a comfortable, if boring life in the suburbs. She sometimes likes to reminisce about her glory days when she has a little too much wine over shrimp scampi, but she basically feels a little dead inside a lot of the time.

I’m sure everybody knows which is which.




OK, almost everybody.


With some of us having suffered horribly through nightmarish custody disputes.

And others, obviously, having just been abandoned.


People actually fight over who gets custody of a semi-feral pet raccoon?


This forum feels like the last few drunks at the bar sometimes. The bar isn’t exactly a happening place and it’s Tuesday night.

I wouldn’t classify that as a good thing.


Speaking from personal experience? You should try living in the suburbs…it’s much worse.

Reminds me of the lyrics to this song:

All I want to do is have a little fun before I die
Says the man next to me out of nowhere
It’s apropos of nothing he says his name is William
But I’m sure he’s Bill or Billy or Mac or buddy

And he’s plain ugly to me, and I wonder if he’s ever
Had a day of fun in his whole life

We are drinking beer at noon on Tuesday
In the bar that faces the giant car wash
And the good people of the world
Are washing their cars on their lunch breaks
Hosing and scrubbing as best they can
In skirts and suits


I think of both as being late-mid age drunkards who both realize their best days are already behind them, as the world passes them by and they can’t keep up…Say this with the greatest respect, no offense intended to anyone.


Yes, the common denominator seems to be the self-medicating. Wonder if there’s a 12-step program for Internet forums?


I agree!

And I can understand why many who post here might think it’s similar at Taiwanease. But from a numbers perspective, it isn’t even close. And it never has been.


Someone once told me that posting on Taiwanease took a big hit as posting on Facebook took off. Forumosa was affected as well, but not to the same degree. I also think there are still plenty of things to do for Forumosa, although a lot of things (like priorities of its primary audience) have changed.

The mid-life analogies make sense to me, although I prefer to look at it from a different perspective. An NBA perspective: for me, Forumosa is like Richard Jefferson or Vince Carter: a lot of fun to watch when they started out, and as their careers progressed, they recognized some limitations, focused on some strengths, and developed new ones. Jefferson finally did end his career a champion is now on a champion team - while Carter is the ultimate specialist today and also a key contributor. Both have had long and productive careers.


Wow, that basketball metaphor went right over my head. Must watch more basketball. Can you do an American football metaphor?


I want a super hero movie franchise metaphor please.


I havent been to the other site in eons. And always had just briefly checked in at times.

Seems alright.

I tried to sign up a few times but never got through the process.

Best keep it tommy free anyways.