Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


Nah, there’s no deep dark mystery dude. Maoman wanted to do some different things like the Taiwanese directory and the full freedom to do them, so he set up his own site. Nothing more to it than that. We’re now different forums with a somewhat different focus, and I think there’s plenty of room on the net for that. One can post at both if they like :slight_smile:


Ok, but in terms a “forum”, this site gets much more participation now. And that’s what forums live on. Its the classic winner takes all network effect of so many internet business models. If Maoman just wanted to have freedom to do a directory, he should have left out the forum part.


He’s a forum guy, he wanted to have a forum too. Not surprising


He probably wanted to compete with the other two sites … forgot the names, I’m getting old, or is the beer?


A personal forum, where the in-kids could play without fear of reprisal. Could be why it never really took off.


I used to drop in every now and then to see what was going on, but honestly, it was like watching paint dry.


TaiwanHO is the real deal.

Its been resurrected numerous times but has only ever had about five posters!


I think you just mean…Cricket.
Cricket is not a sport to most us but an insect.


Because you have never attacked anybody yourself .
Right. I’ve seen you go off on a few rants over the years :).


:joy::joy: And I was the outsider`s outsider. With all the toilet humour on the old site, I never understood the year-long suspensions I got. :grin::grin::grin:


There are a few eyebrow raises, after being away that is, and a slight learning curve to get acclimated to the “new” look*, but it’ll do. If I want daily scuffles and fistfights, I’ll go to work. So yeah, it’ll do.

Such as * How does one send a PM? What, no sigs?


Is it still around? They had very good football discussions They also had great articles until they were hacked into oblivion.


Click on that orange J beside your name. An entire world of possibilities await.


Spurred on by this thread, I popped over to the 'easy to lurk a bit. Apparently, they’ve closed down lurking and made it an entirely private club.


I still can.


u had to sign in though, right?


It’s probably just you.


Nope. I wasn’t logged in and could read the threads. I assume that’s what ‘lurking’ means.


It looks like it.


n/m. found the way in. what a rookie.