Forumosa vs. Taiwaneasy, Forumosa then vs. now

Seems like a sensitive topic, but here goes. Taiwanease and Forumosa seem strikingly similar, to the point that a lot of users go on both boards. Is there any substantial difference between the two? I’ve for whatever reason chosen to saddle up to Forumosa and don’t plan to change my horse midstream, but was just wondering. :whistle:

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If you want a quality answer, you should copy this post and start a duplicate thread on the other site.

Taiwanease is milk toast and painfully boring as a messageboard, but it tries hard to be a good Taiwan guide and it has seen success in that regard.

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I left one of the two boards mentioned because of a failure by the management to curb one of the regular posters.

Taiwanease banded together a lot of the really tiresome posters from flob and concentrated them all in one space. It’s fairly painful to read, but there are some interesting people such as tomthorne’s and superking’s incarnation. It benefits both communities to have a bit of separation, I would say: I didn’t post here for years because I got tired of interacting with that crowd.

Loads of parenting posts when you click ‘Active topics’, which again reflects the demographic.

Flob has tommy 525! It also has ‘Learning Chinese’ which I look at and enjoy reading a lot but don’t really contribute much to because of a lack of expertise.

The ‘Teaching English’ stuff is ridiculous on both.

Exactly. How awful and convinced of your own superiority do you have be to actually call someone a ‘moron’, even hyperbolically? Yeuch.

Why do we call it flob?

I’m relatively new here since I only started actively participating in Feb or March, but it seems there are only a few users who are regularly active and a couple dozen come-and-goers, which makes me kind of sad. But then again, it looks like Taiwanease doesn’t even have that many.

its just painfully unfunny

It’s an affectionate diminutive coined by legendary poster TomHill. The site owner likes it so much he named his company after it.

And don’t fret about the numbers. The analytics prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who is playing World Cup Rugby and who is playing silly buggers.

Taiwanease Top 425,000

Forumosa Top 75,000

So there you have it.

I… didn’t even know Taiwanease existed until a few months back… and I’ve been here five years…

Not only is she (he?) young and Eurasian, he (she?) is also a “full-time Tgirl/ladyboy.” I’m sick of those were-women who only transform under a full moon; finally, a full-timer!

A far worse crime!

well at least iv so far not graced its shores in order to maintain a “tommy free” zone for those allergic

This isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but isn’t a T-girl not the same thing as a ladyboy? I thought a T-girl was a tomboyish (hence the T) lesbian, whereas a ladyboy is a chick with a dick. Not sure how you can be both. :ponder:

Another offensive thing about the 'wease: the use of the word ‘kudos’. Makes me want to punch a puppy with all it’s grim cringing pop culture connotations. Can’t really verbalise the sense of dread that the use of that word brings over me. They might as well daub ‘HERE BE DRAGONBONES’ in (organic) fishguts over the lintel.

I don’t know man, but you’ll earn NT$50 and my infinite respect if you video search “T-girl” to find out. Tempting deal?

Not certain of the nonmenclature myself, but perhaps one should mention that many ladyboys started out with a dick but are sans same now.

Considering that forumosa has been around for 15 years and Taiwanease only one and a bit, that’s a pretty impressive statistic! Thanks for posting it! :bow:

Maybe, if I can ever stop laughing!

Don’t know if that’s sarcasm, jimi… It’s a ranking, not a score, so it’s not very impressive at all.