Forumosa went back in time a few days

Forumosa was down this morning my time and then it came back up minus a few days of posts ?

Yes we had a server overload last night. Restoring the database failed so we had to go to the last backup, from 5 AM Sunday morning. Unfortunately everything in the interim was lost, our apologies for that. In the course of getting everything back up and running we had another outage a short while ago, forcing us to go back to the backup again. Everything should be back to normal now and we’ve increased our server capacity to prevent it from happening again.

I saw a few people mention this morning that they’d like a site where they can check for confirmation that we’re down. In the future I’ll post word about an outage at our blog as soon as I an aware of such a problem.

If you want to recover a specific post, you might be able to find it on Google cache by searching Google for the thread name and “forumosa”. The link name should appear in green under the blue title. At the right of this there’s a triangle pointing down. Click on that and then on “cached.” If Google ever cached it, you will see the posts there.

I’m sorry we were caught flatfooted this time. I posted a bit more on the blog over here: … s-to-grow/

For what it’s worth, we’ve now increased our capacity 2.6 times (when we upgraded the capacity, we discovered there was a free upgrade in capacity in store for us :slight_smile:)

There are also free websites which can check if other websites are down or not:

Googling "is website down" lists several options.

[quote=“cloud13”]There are also free websites which can check if other websites are down or not:

Googling "is website down" lists several options.[/quote]
I use

Hopefully we didn’t lose any Bay Area (and other) Adventures…

I actually went to “that other site” to see if there was any info there. :blush:

Hopefully we didn’t lose any Bay Area (and other) Adventures…[/quote]

LOL, we did but it didn’t matter because only Chris and a few bots read it anyway :slight_smile:

It might not be out of the woods yet. It’s been acting strange this morning:

[quote]General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

MySQL server has gone away [2006]

An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists.
Please notify the board administrator or webmaster:
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Yup, over last few minutes the site is taking a long time to load pages. :ponder:

Yeah, sometimes forumosa loads slower then other sites. But i find that if i empty out the cache on chrome it works better.

Apologies for the outage today folks. Things seemed to be going well after the shutdown on April 7. However we encountered another memory overload today. We’ve upgraded our software and our servers should have room to spare now. Thanks for bearing with us.