Forumosa XML Newsfeeds

I’ve set up an XML feed for this website. If you have Trillian, can you help me test this out?

In your Trillian, set up your Manage Feeds like so:

But change to
And change phpBB/rdf.php to 3/rdf.php

plmk if this works :sunglasses:

Hey it works like charm pare…
check the screenshot below


EDITED: Thanks, Anton – g.

Thank you for checking, and especially for posting the graphic :slight_smile:

NOw, if I can only convince other websites to carry the feed… :wink:

no problem… will take the screen shot away now


why did you remove it? I thought it was very useful – it could also encourage people to switch to Trillian (well, maybe not – but I’m just trying to make a point :slight_smile:)

it’s using up my cyberspace:) that’s why I remove it. Sowee…


what is trillian and xml feeds? tks

XML Feed

I hope that answer you question…
Don’t you google?


No sweat. Could you post it up again, or e-mail it to – I’ll optimize it and stick on on this website. It’s better to have an illustrative example so that people can see what this is about.


guilty as charged, a. I was lazy. b. thought I might get a better explanation here. tks for the links!

gus, I had that plugin for weather on trillian…
any chances you know how to get taipei weather on it?


Here’s some more information about XML feed and RSS,3 … 830,00.asp

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really SImple Syndication) is simply a Web-based newsreader-style way of keeping track of new content from some of your favorite sites. Using special reader plug-ins (you’ll have to download one) you can view an aggregation of headlines and blurbs from dozens of different Websites. You add these Websites as channels. Every headline, in every channel, is linked back to full article on the originating site. [/quote]


is the rss feed of forumosa thread still there?


Yes, is it still possible?


OK, I’ve moved the rdf files back. it should work now

still couldn’t find the php, where have you put it :slight_smile:


Does anyone use Atom? … ex.php?c=5

For anyone using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, you can add Forumosa’s XML feed as a Live Bookmark by going to Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks->File->New Live Bookmark. That’ll let you get the latest posts as they happen.