Forumosan vote off

Who would you really, really like to vote off forumosa?

If forumosa was a TV reality show like Survivor or Big Brother, who would be the first forumosan you would like to vote off this discussion board?

The likely candidate should be a poster here who really irritates you, maybe even to the point where you have added their username to your Ignore list

PM me with your suggestions and then I will create a poll on which we all can vote on.

Yeah, let’s create more divisiveness!

Sorry to be a wet blanket but I wouldn’t vote anyone off. I’ve pushed the ignore button once or twice, thought better of it and resurrected them. Even those I consider complete idiots have something to say…I like opposition. :sunglasses:

I cast my vote for way2go!

Can you vote for yourself ?

Madison was correct in his regard and suspicion of the mob.

way2go, wrong way to go! Like HakkaSonic says, that’s all we need, more divisiveness.

Rather than make it so negative, why not make your poll positive, and ask people who they most want to vote for on the island, ie, the posters they like best and why. Use your creativity, but in a positive way instead. way2 go, way2go, try it. We will love your more for it.

How about posters that make you laugh the most?

Change that to posters who sing the best. Please submit your demo tapes to:

Or, how about the cutest forumosan, as a baby (we’ll need pics for that).

make that two votes.


I vote for anybody who votes for anybody.

[quote]I vote for anybody who votes for anybody.[/quote]If we all used that logic, you wouldn’t make it past September :smiley:

We’ve already had a poll for best poster I think, and wasn’t the ratings system supposed to indicate who the “star posters” were? :shock: A better poll might be for “most interesting newbie.”

How about who to vote on to forumosa?

i.e Chen Shui Bian, Diane Lee, Dennis Miller


Rory Butternuts won the last poll we did for most humorous poster, but he hasn’t been on much lately. Too busy making people laugh.

I’d vote for a few folks to relax a bit or perhaps take a humility pill, but I wouldn’t want to see anyone go away.

If we did a poll on Forumosan most in need of therapy, it might be more interesting.

Posters most likely to go postal?


How about the posters you’d most like NOT to be your parents?

My vote goes to Cranky Laowai and Alien.

(I’d like Formosa to be my Dad cause he seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t notice if you drank all the beer, whereas Cranky would be all over me to do my spelling homework.)

:shock: :unamused:

Haven’t some members actually been banned from this forum for some reason or another? Who? Why?

If we tell you that, Larceny, we will then have to ban you. :imp:

That guy has really earned his chop. A few have been banned. Not worth mentioning them. They didn’t add much to the forum anyway.