Forumosa's Annual Family Easter Brunch - Sunday, April 4th!

It’s time again for what has become an annual event, Forumosa’s Family Easter Brunch! :slight_smile:

The last few years have been great affairs, the kids always have a wonderful time, and the parents do too! (The beer helps)

As in past years, the buffet starts at 1:00 and goes to 4:00. There will be an Easter Egg hunt in the nearby park at 1:00 - this is something that the kids love.

The prices are excellent value: $550 for adults, $300 for kids over 115cm, and free for those under!

For Adults, all Draught beers and cider, buy one, get one free!

The Tavern is located at 415 Xinyi Road, Section 4 (at Keelung (Jilong) Road)


[color=#FF0000]Please register for the Easter Event by phone 02-87800892 or email[/color]

We had a great time last year, but I’m afraid that this time we will be out sweeping tombs.

I would attend, but I don’t have any kids. :cry: Can I bring my epileptic kitty?

jp, you ARE a kid. Sure come on down. It’ll be fun.

You might want to leave your twitching kitty at home, though…


We had a good time last year, too.

However, I made one blunder that I’m still kicking myself for.

When I looked around at the opponents in the egg hunt at the little park, I didn’t see much competition for my girls (6 and 9 at the time and both reasonably athletic and keen-eyed). It looked like a lot of the kids were 2 to 5 years old, and I assumed that the big people, who I believe were mostly parents, were not to take part in the search.

So, I told my girls to take it easy, sos the little ones could find an egg or two. Then, when they blew the whistle, Doc and his two henchkids blocked us whilst all those adults cleaned up.

We didn’t find one egg. :fume: Now, I’m not making excuses; :hand: we had a nice meal, had fun on the foosball table, enjoyed coloring and decorating eggs . . . , but somebody should’ve been arrested at that park.

I think I’ll get there early, Scrooge the eggs and charge the kids ciders for them.

And I’m under 155cm, so I’ll get in for FREE! :discodance:

Zender, you and the kids coming? I’m bailing that scammer bloke out for a day so we’ll have some extra muscle.

Actually, you have to be under 115 cm (not 155) to get in free.

So, you’ll have to bend over.

I think you should talk to Edgar Allen about this scheme of yours. You may not recoup your bail money; a lot of the little kids in the egg hunt don’t carry much cash on them.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it this year. :frowning: I still have a bad taste in my mouth from last year . . . Knowing that Doc won’t be there makes it more likely that I’ll go . . . Then again, my wife is back in town, so I might have to spend some quality time with her. :ponder:

Will certainly be fun for the kids and adults, my mother brought some special egg paint from Switzerland (more than likely made in Taiwan or China) and according to her it is going to be a highly educational painting session, obviously the foosball table and dart boards ar popular with the kids and Roberto Tzayas will sing songs with the kids. Will hide more eggs and as suggested last year, have older kids to help the small ones, there are plenty of choco eggs to reward the youngsters for their efforts.

Please make your reservation so we know approx. how many people for the buffet, either by e-mail or phone 02-87800892.

And toast. Must have toast.

yes, yes and rolls, german bread, tomato bread…

This post is to certify that irishstu has read this thread and does not require any phone calls to check if he has read this thread, as he has indeed read this thread.

Maybe somebody should phone Fox. He tends to miss these things. :wink:

This is to certify that I have noticed that irishstu has noticed this thread and does not require any phone calls to check if he has read this thread, as he has indeed read this thread.

Allow me to be THE VERY FIRST to not phone you!

This is to certify that I have noticed that irishstu has noticed this thread and does not require any phone calls to check if he has read this thread, as he has indeed read this thread.[/quote]
I’ve texted you both so that neither of you miss this thread.
I wouldn’t mind coming to this shindig but I’ve got to rehearse a show that day, worse luck. I suppose that means it’ll be up to someone else to stuff a hardboiled egg down the back of Irishstu’s trousers and give him a good skelp on the bum.

Just a couple of quick questions. I’m probably going to make a reservation later tonight.

The title of the thread says brunch, but the only times I see listed are the buffet hours of between 1 and 4pm. Is that the time of the entire event? Just making sure.

Also, I’m almost afraid to ask since this is a controversial topic, but I want to make sure I bring the right amount of cash. Is there going to be an additional service charge?

I suppose I could ask these questions when making the reservation, but maybe these answers could benefit others reading here.

Thank you. It should be a fun event.

Just to warn people before hand, I will be there too, I have a camera and I will not hasitate to use it… See you there on Sunday… :smiley:

Before you use your camera, you have to keep your promise and help me hiding the 200 golden eggs!

The event and brunch both start at 1pm, sort of routine that mingshah and me meet earlier, go to the park, armed with the eggs and a few coronas then with the consumption of the coronas get increasingly creative where to hide the eggs. Once the kids are done eating, approx. 2pm, we all go to the park, some stay a bit longer to play on the swing, slide, etc. Back at the Tavern-Premiere, kids get there rewards for finding the eggs, my mother will paint eggs with the kids and play some other games. Some kids of course hit the buffet again, play games, the easter egg painting actually takes about an hour. Pretty sure some want to stay longer, play foosball, darts, etc. Mentioned 4pm as the formula 1 GP (Malaysia) starts at that time. As far as the buffet is concerned, the price does include the SVC charge. See you Sunday!

Thanks for your quick reply. See you then!

Any offers of “Red Envelopes” for GPS data for the golden egss still have to be declined as the “swiss anti-coruption commision” leads a rather strict regime, rumours are one might find oneself in a container on the bottom of the sea or worse, on one to China…