Forumosa's Family Weiya, 3 pm, February 11 at the Tavern!

There are weiyas you have to go to but this is a weiya you’ll want to go to! (Weiyas, for the uninitiated, are Chinese year-end banquets.):bouncy:

Forumosa, with the Canadian Society :canada: , will be ushering in the Year of the Pig in style, with games and activities for the kids, :banana: and of course great food and drink for everyone! Our very own Miltownkid and Josefus :notworthy: will be leading the entertainment, Michel has promised us a great buffet with roast pig, :lick: and of course there will be games and great music. The fun starts at 3:00 on Sunday February 11. :yay: This is a family event, so it will be non-smoking at least until 7:00 pm. :notworthy:

Tavern Captain will post more menu details as they’re available!

The Tavern is located at 415 Xinyi Road, Section 4, at the intersection of Xinyi and Keelung Roads.

Leading the entertainment?
I’m just following that other fellow. :runaway:

5 hours of eating starting from 3pm?

The year of the pig IS coming! :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you let non-Canadians in too?

Will you let non-Canadians in too?[/quote]

Non-Canadians will need to be branded.

Aw, that’s not very Canadian of you! My Canadian boyfriend let me off with an ear tag!

Will you cater for kosher and halaal diets?

Year of the pig

Dear All,

Looking forward to host the Forumosa/Canadian Society’s Weiya
Where: The Tavern-Premier, No. 415 Shin Yi Road, Sec. 4, Taipei, Tel. 87800892
When: Sunday, February 11th, 3pm till the last one leaves!
Games and entertainment For the children in the afternoon. Grand Dinner Buffet NT$450/person, NT$250 for children between the age 6-12 (incl. SVC charge).
Featuring Roast Pork, Roast Beef and many other delicious dishes, we are also Cater for our vegetarian friends.
Beer Special NT$100/Pint of Draught Taiwan Beer from 3pm till closing, many Drinks at discount prizes.
Excellent Multimedia Quiz with grand cash Prize NT$3000.
Please bring your family & friends.
See you all Sunday!

Michel and the Tavern-Premier Team

joke :wink:

Looks like a great event, do guests need to make reservations?

No need for reservations! Just come and enjoy the party!

Do you have to eat the food?
Is this a replacement for this month’s Happy Hour?

It is proven that the best way to consume food is to eat it.

That’s where you’re mistaken, but since this is a thread about a FAMILY-friendly weiya I won’t elaborate on that point.

Is there going to be any entertainment ? And who supplied it at such short notice ? :wink:

As said, there will be plenty of games and cartoons for the kids, Quiz for adults and a qualified DJ that plays requests and makes sure that I got no influence on the selection of music.

I believe Big Fluffy Matthew is referring to the screening of Monty Python’s Holy Grail at 3:00! (The adults have to have something to do while the kids are playing their games and watching their cartoons!) :joker:

This is good prep in case one of the questions on the quiz is “What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?” :laughing:

Thanks very much to BFM’s Big Shiny Imports for making this possible! :notworthy:

Jdspouse wishes to know if any other spousal units will be going, and jdson wants to know who’s going to be there for him to hang with.

Is Maobaby going to make an appearance?

[quote=“jdsmith”]Jdspouse wishes to know if any other spousal units will be going, and jdson wants to know who’s going to be there for him to hang with.

Is Maobaby going to make an appearance?[/quote]

Last I heard my wife is planning to attend, JD. Don’t know for sure at this point though.

Hobbes Jr. is also checking his social calendar – although, if he goes, I think he will probably be more interested in hanging out with Maobaby, if she is there (and who he already knows, to be fair), than JDson. (Nothing against your lad, you understand…)