Forumosa's Google Calendar - how to add stuff?


does anyone know how we go about adding our events to Forumosa’s Google Calendar?
That info would be very helpful

–KHH Enviros

I updated our Google calendar yesterday. There are two ways to do this:

Share your calendar with us
Detailed steps are on our blog, but, essentially, you need to start with your own Google Calendar. First, make it publicly accessible, then send us your calendar’s URL (found in it’s Calendar Details). You can also send an invitation to access your calendar to our Gmail account at forumosa (at)

To display your events on our calendar embedded in Forumosa, we need to then update the GCal code that we embed in our website. So you’ll have to wait for us to do that - we’ll try to take care of this within 24 hours.

The advantage to doing it this way is that you manage your own events. So if you enter many events well in advance, then you don’t have to think about them later.

Send your events to us
The other method is to send details of your event to us at admin (at) and ask us to post them in our calendar. Please do not forget to include all the information people need to know to attend your event (When, Where, What, Why, How much)

By embedding Google calendars elsewhere on the forums, I hope to give your events more exposure. Please suggest other places the calendar might appear that would be useful. I’ll add it to our blog, and eventually, the other Forumosa related sites will have them.