Forumosa's got Flickr!

Do you have pictures of Forumosa Events or your fellow Forumosans? Want any? Forumosa now has a Flickr account: Check it out! :slight_smile:

While it is a public group (meaning anyone can view it), you do need to be invited if you want to be a member. If anyone wants an invitation, just send me a PM with your e-mail if you’re not registered on Flickr, or your Flickr user name if you’ve already registered.

PS If you find yourself in a picture that you do not want to be shown in this group, please PM me and I will remove you from that picture promptly via photoshop, or if that is not possible, I will simply remove the picture. We will not refer to people’s real names at all, but if you object to your Forumosan name appearing under your picture, let us know - again, we’ll take care of it promptly.