Forumosa's speed

I can barely get access to the site at all – I have to refresh countless times just to get a page up, and its driving me crazy! Multiple, multiple posts. :imp: Its only happening with Forumosa, no other sites are affected.

Can you be a bit more specific, What do you mean by ‘can barely get access’ ? Kettles, Black, and Mechanics* some to mind

*link NOT choosen at random, but supposed to relate to the problem, which no-one believed I had

Dunno mate, no problems here.

Forumosa is a very slothful website. Often I give up because I can’t be bothered to wait. It pings normally, but is just very slow. It would appear to be a problem with the host’s servers, as all other websites are fine for me.

I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s better once I get in, but the first page takes forever.

Which “first page”:

    :?:–but I just tried the other one and it seems to be about the same. It’s not usually incredibly slow, just slower than most other sites.

Only have problems when loading multiple forums using the “Open Link in New Window” function from the main page.
If I open a post before all the windows with the overview have completely loaded it’s screwed and takes ages or it times’ out.

Sorry to start a new thread for an old problem, but I can’t add a post to any of the existing threads.

Multiple problems today. :cry:

I log in, it logs me out. I log in, it logs me out. I log in, it logs me out. I log in, it logs me out. I log in, it logs me out. You get the picture.

Multiple “the page cannot be loaded”

The two posts I submitted this morning were met with “invalid session”. Then I go back to the forum to repost and I have been logged out! So I log in again click on “post reply”, paste the message quickly and then press “submit”, and I get “no post mode specified”

It has taken almost 10 minutes to successfully post this. Same problem using both IE6 and Mozilla.

It has been suggested here before that the problem lies with the Phpp software, but I contribute to other forums using this same software. So what’s up with Forumosa?

Anybody else finding this forum incredibly slow since it came back? :astonished: It takes 1 minute to load a page. :frowning:


I have a feeling this is related to the invalid session problem. Sometimes a page loads quick for me and other times it takes a long time.


sssssssssssssuper ssssssssssssssslow…i’d rather have disabled smilies and have quicker page downloads

sssssshhhhhhhhh…I don’t think you’re supposed to mention this…

It reminds me of back in NZ. Love that 56k feeling! :laughing:

71 people as of right now, busy clicking away. I think this server needs to be bigger and badder.

OMG, the website is really slow for me, too!
And we’re supposed to have double the RAM?!?!

Yah. Someone needs to check on those processes. Maybe somewhere on the PHPBB group forums, you can ask how one can do performance tuning for this.