Forumosa's Taiwan Beer Commercial

A couple of months ago, some of my wife’s colleagues from the advertising/production company where she used to work approached her with the idea of shooting a commercial about foreigners who live and work in Taiwan, AND drink Taiwan beer. I qualified. :smiley: Once they found out about Forumosa, they decided to make that the theme of the commerical. Anyway, it’s finally ready. It’s a two minute web commerical, but depending on “consumer response” they might make it into a TV commercial. I’m not holding my breath, though. The commerical can be found on the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly website, 3rd film from the top, or you can get to it directly by clicking here.

The commercial is a little cheezy, I’m not entirely happy with my Mandarin, the script was written for me, not by me, they failed in their promise to make me look “slimming” :blush: , and the production is a little sketchy in places, but whatever. There are a few other Forumosans in the commercial - can you spot them? The foreigners filmed in my living room are newbie lurkers, so I doubt anyone would know them yet…

Anyway, enjoy!

2 minutes is really long for a TV commercial. But it’s good to see normal people in normal clothes drinking beer. I do wonder about the editting though. It’s a beer commercial and they show all the places you like to enjoy Taiwan beer? Home, bar, taxi cabs, school? :astonished: Also, if they’re going to promote, then they should at least give you 5 seconds to explain it to the viewers.

All in all, good, but I left when they were coming in that HH, so I didn’t expect to see myself.

And it’s hard to make you look “slimming” when you bite half a chicken leg in half in one bite! :smiling_imp:

But V looked great as always. :wink:

They would probably refilm it (bigger budget) if they made it into a TV commercial. And of course it would have to be much shorter…

It’s supposed to be more about the foreigners who drink beer then the beer itself. They’re trying to show that Taiwan beer isn’t just for hicks from Nantou who chew betelnut and listen to Wubai.

I was happy that we got as much exposure as we did. To be honest, I’m surprised that all of the name references to Forumosa stayed…

Yeah, she’s definitely my better third. :laughing:

MM, you’re a good sport.:notworthy:

I really liked the balcony scene. Good social drinking scene. And the last part, “Taiwan is my home away from home” was very nicely done.

But please PLEASE stop the raised chin swivel look at the surroundings! Makes you look like Benito Mussolini. :smiley:

Was the beer free?

Interesting video, rather quirky editing, nice home scenes, and of course - the “white guy is an english teacher” shot…the waiguo words pops up a few times but it is for domestic consumption.
Congrats on the exposure for… :bravo:

(I’m available for a Tainan segment…if anyone asks, of course.)

well… its not only hicks that listen to wubai. avoid the generalisations i say.

i love the scene where you walk into the bar… owning it! :slight_smile: nice.

I saw my arm! I saw my arm!

I like Wubai too - that line was actually theirs - Wubai is a big promoter of Taiwan Beer, but he is seen as being very much a local icon - they want to “internationalize” their image, but still keep Taiwan in the picture. The only other foreigner doing this kind of commercial for them is Matthew Lien, AFAIK, but I think they’re looking for more…

Well, when you’re [url=Forumosa's Taiwan Beer Commercial - #4 by jdsmith Mussolini[/url], AND you’ve got a VIP card from Carnegie’s, you tend to swagger a little… BTW, Tpe Bob, you’ll notice that the address for Carnegie’s is clearly articulated in the commercial - I’d like a flower for my table the next time I’m at Carnegie’s, please… :sunglasses:

Way to go…very cool.

Suggest next time they let you climb to the top of the Dajir bridge like wubai, else climb to the top of 101 radio mast and be king slong er king kong batting down airplanes.

had to download winmedia 10 for it to play.

Looked like it had a lot more to do with foreigners gulping down chinky food to me. Good stuff though.


What happened to my sound bite…I saw the take at the door of Carnage and was fully expecting to hear myself.

You’ll be hearing from my agent.

You’ll never work in this town again.

There are no small parts, just small actors.

To be or not to be…

Remember how freakin warm that beer was?
But serious, did my bum look big in those shots?? :sunglasses:
Turned out quite nice really

Very nicely done. Bravo.

What I like most in this Taiwan Beer commercial is the Hoegaarden surrounded by Taiwan Beer cans!

Right. And they’re not trying to portray foreigners as beer drinking English teachers who hang out in pubs and steal all the pretty Taiwanese women.

Right. And they’re not trying to portray foreigners as beer drinking English teachers who hang out in pubs and steal all the pretty Taiwanese women.[/quote]

for “pretty” read “loose” :wink:

(sry mite be a bit harsh but its a sod-awful rainy monday)

I haven’t looked (can’t bring myself to). Am I in this ad?

Yes, you are! :bravo: :slight_smile:

Yes, you are! :bravo: :slight_smile:[/quote]

I had a sneaking suspicion I was. Some of my kids at the buxiban came across it without my having told them. They said there was an ad on the internet with a guy in it that looked like me. They then broke into a mocking chorus of “Daiwan Bilu! Hokidei!” (sorry for bad Taiwanese romanization)

Oh, the things free warm beer will make you do. :blush:

Right. And they’re not trying to portray foreigners as beer drinking English teachers who hang out in pubs and steal all the pretty Taiwanese women.[/quote]

because everybody knows that already