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Yikes! What’s this? The four words in the subject now take twelve screens of vertical space :shock: before I get to the main table.
I only see this in Opera, not IE5.5, Mozilla, or NN4.7 (though this doesn’t do such a great job, which is to be expected). Have you put in some new D[evil]HTML?

I just noticed this now, too.

I don’t know why this happened today, when I put the javascript in place a couple of days ago.

Is it a DHTML problems? I didn’t even realize I’ve put in DHTML :frowning:

Maybe it’s javascript, not DHTML. It could conceivably even be a straight HTML problem, though I’m not sure how. I haven’t had time to go through the code to figure out what’s going on.

Sorry, I’m not much help. :frowning:

This is a test – please ignore

So much for the Great Javascript Navigation Experiment (bah, I never liked that stuff any way :wink:)

btw, I looked over the config javascript of the file and apparently it was DHTML. I simply do not understand this stuff :blush: