Forums not being upgraded -- Thank you to anyway


I’m hoping to upgrade the Segue Taiwan forums this week. Given the recent Posting difficulties that were reported today, the upgrade seems timely.

There are several reasons why I want to do the upgrade now:

First, the forum Search function currently doesn’t work. Lord only knows why – I didn’t do anything to it when I first set up these forums in August. I’m banking that a fresh install will do the trick. Please be sure to give the search a run thru when the new version is back online.

Another reason why I want to upgrade now as opposed to any other time: cool technical support IN TAIPEI. I refer to the friendly people who run The American Pie cafe ( over by the Taipei Main Station. They have graciously and generously offered to help me in my conversion to v. 2.0.3 of phpBB. I’ll be announcing a temporary URL on their network where the forums will be located while I re-hack v. 2.0.3 with the neat features and modifications that we (well, I) have come to enjoy. These modifications help us administer and moderate the forums.

The final reason is timing: I disappear at the end of the month to go to school (I’m in a part-time grad program in Singapore) – so if I don’t do it now, it’s not going to happen till around Christmastime.

One more plug about – If you’re surfing the net in Taipei, there are few better places that I’ve been to do it: great login tracking system, clean & quiet environment, friendly English speaking management and technical support, lots of food nearby, close to NTU hospital and Taipei Main Station MRT stops, plus great prices (down to NT$ 20 per hour at bulk rates). And they offer webhosting (Linux with a snazzy web-based control panel), too (I’ll leave it to them to answer questions about it if anyone’s really interested)

Look out for a re-direct link and a temporary URL this week. Now is the best time for me to do it – because I won’t have the time till year end (and maybe not even then). Cross your fingers that we, well, don’t lose everything in the transition.

Just me,


I’ve managed to address the main purpose for the upgrade – fixing the search table – without having to do the upgrade. Phew! I started to run into problems last week, in spite of the generous assistance of the cool people at

All the time I spent preparing for the upgrade wasn’t wasted – I learned a lot more about, well, these forums (like how to BACK UP – you’ll be shocked to find out how much I do NOT know about the stuff we’re using at Segue :blush:). So no regrets (and no need for an upgrade, thank heavens)