Foster parent(s) for sweet Himalayan cat needed

Milky, a big, cuddly, lovable neutered Himalayan mix is in desperate need of a foster home for the next four months. He belongs to my thirteen-year-old grandson who, with his parents, had to move back to the U. S. last December. Since they will be staying for a while with relatives who have cat allergies, they left their two cats with me to deliver to them when I return to the States in June. Milky and his little female side-kick have been with me for almost three months, and he’s having a real problem. I also have two cats and my male has been an alfa personality from the time I brought him home as a tiny kitten. I have tried everything I can think of for almost three months to make things work between these two neutered males, but Doogie continues to beat the fur off him every chance he gets. This is not good for either of the cats. (The little female is doing fine.)

I am hoping to find a responsible person or couple (probably young children wouldn’t be good) who are addicted to cats but for some reason don’t want one of their own. I live in the Hsinchu/Jubei area so the foster home should be somewhere close (I should probably look in on him occasionally). I would be happy to supply all the litter and food. I have a ticket to the States for June 30 and will be taking all four cats (!!!), so I would need to pick him up on June 29. I will also need to take him to the vet twice to arrange for his “immigration.” The only alternative to foster care is to find a new home for him, and that would break all of our hearts.

You can find out more about Milky in Zonetone’s November 27 posting.