Found a home!

Wow! Lucky little chihuahua FOUND A HOME!!!
Here she is getting ready for a CAR RIDE to a permanent home! Woohoo!

I quote from her new person, “She brings me a lot of joy”.

(Yeah, I cried. Yeah, I miss her. Yeah, I am happy for her.)

And here is a Ginger update. He’s come a long ways since Animals Taiwan rescued him with his tummy torn open. Ginger and his partner Mistletoe are hoping to go to England to be reunited with their previous foster family. They are in rabies quarantine now (shown below :slight_smile:.
… That’s the dog’s toy, by the way.

Good Lord, his tummy looks open now! What an amazing tabby.

Dog toys? Everything in the house belongs to his Lordship The Cat!

Oh, and the Chihuahua seems to be saying “GRACIAS, KAGE. Muchas gracias por salvarme la vida.”

De nada. :rainbow: Algunos perros grande ha querrida comer me. Me allegra mucho la gente que me ayudo.
(Lo siento que mi Espanol es muy/tan malo. Hace passado 25 anos desde que ha aprendi)

No matter. Pets understand the language of care and love. You understood his needs well and that is what matters.

another happy story !!!

[quote=“Icon”] Muchas gracias por salvarme la vida."[/quote]I always imagine them little dogs speaking with a severe Spanish accent, for some reason. Perfect! :laughing: