Found a virus(?) but can't delete it

I came home tonight to find that one of my housemates had unwittingly opened a file while using the Internet. It seems to be something by the name of “Speed Blaster”.

I ran AVG but it didn’t pick anything up. The I ran “Adaware” and it identified about 42 new objects!

The name of the file is “Bargain Buddy” and it contains a “bin” folder.

The problem is that I can’t delete these files associated with Bargain Buddy…

Any tips on how to delete these would be appreciated.

About SpeedBlaster:

Before you can delete it, the DLL file must be deregistered.

In BargainBuddy/Apuc, this DLL is inside the Bargain Buddy folder in ‘Program Files’. Here there will be one or more ‘bin’ folders, one of which will contain a file called apuc.dll. If, for example, it’s in ‘bin2’, the commands to enter (from a DOS command prompt window, under Start->Programs->Accessories) would be:

cd “%WinDir%\System”
regsvr32 /u “\Program Files\Bargain Buddy\bin2\apuc.dll”
(If your ‘Program Files’ directory has a different name (for example, on a non-English version of Windows), or is on a different drive, you’ll have to substitute that in the path above.)

In BargainBuddy/Version, the file you have to get rid of is instead called ‘CC_Versn.dll’, and it’s inside the ‘Net2Phone CommCenter’ folder in Program Files. The commands to get rid of it are:

cd “%WinDir%\System”
regsvr32 /u “\Program Files\Net2Phone CommCenter\CC_Versn.dll”
After the deregistration, end the ‘Bargains’ process from the Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete). Having successfully done this you should be able to delete the entire ‘Bargain Buddy’ folder. To clean up the registry, run regedit and delete the value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run that refers to Bargain Buddy. You can also delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Bargains; in the Adp variant this is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\adp instead.

Thanks Blueface,

I’m not much of a Tech-head, which meant that your instructions were a little hard to carry out - until I went to one of the websites you recommended, and from there, downloaded “Spybot”. It’s done the job really well (cleaned out all those dirty little files…).

Cheers, and some guanxi coming your way,

The Big Babou