Found Golden Retriever in Shi Gang township, Taichung County

Found a golden retriever, 4/11, Taichung county,near Dong-Fong bicycle path in Shr Gang. The people at the tourism centre said that a man was looking for the dog, but they did not have his phone number.

拾獲黃金獵犬, 4/11, 台中縣近東豐自行車綠廊

please contact
Tourist information centre in Shr Gang (phone number below)

也懇請有愛心的人幫忙轉貼, thanks a lot!

  1. Email:
  2. 電洽 東豐自行車綠廊 石岡遊客中心 04-2572-4531 (Mondays off)

If you know the owner of this dog, please let him know.

Any updates on the GR and his owner? you could post pics here to help !!

This is about the same dog, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. I’ve posted it on a few sites, hoping the owner might see it. It would be great if anyone reading this post could copy and paste the details in any forums you visit, or if you could send me the adresses of any other forums that may be of interest.

So, here is the whole story of how the Golden Retriever came to live with me.
Saturday morning, 4/11, my girlfriend arrived in
shr Gang at the kindergarten where she teaches. She opened the back door of her car to get some books. The next moment a huge ball of yellow fur pushed right past her and jumped into the car. She isn’t exactly what one would call a dog person, so needless to say that she wasn’t exactly charmed by this. She tried to get the animal out of the car, but being on the petit side, force didn’t work. neither did calls, orders, or cookies. So, she pulled her car into the kindergarten and just left the door open while she went to teach, hoping that the dog would leave by itself eventually. It didn’t. It stayed near the car from 9:00am that morning untill she finished work at about 17:30 that afternoon. She called me to ask for advice, and I suggested that she call the police to hear if anyone was looking for the dog. She did and no one was. They did offer to come and pick up the animal themselves and to give it to the garbage truck people. They would take it to the animal pound where it would be kept for a week before being ‘put to sleep’. A kind heart won out over a dislike of all things hairy and smelly. So now we’re stuck with the dog.
We went searching for the owner the following week, and got excited when the people at the tourism centre told us that yes, someone did come looking for the dog, and yes, they took down the phone number, but oh dear, they seemed to have lost it. We called the police a few times. We made notices and put them up around Shr Gang. And we have been posting on the internet. I got all the people at work to post for me too.
I like dogs, and this one more than most. It has a very sweet personality. It is housetrained, and it is a fast learner. I got it to obey a few commands like sit, stay and down. Still working on heel. Unfortunately, I live in a one-bedroom flat and i cannot take it for walks as often as I should. So, at the end of the week, if we haven’t found the owner by that time, I will start looking for willing adopters. The main reason we keep it is because it seems such a shame that a beautiful, well behaved, intelligent animal should be put down just because it’s owner let it off the chain.
People, please. If you have a dog, TRAIN IT!!! So many people like the idea of a dog and get all starry-eyed and romantic when thinking of a beautiful Golden Retriever, happily bounding through meadows of foxglove and god knows what, straight into their open arms, to be slobbered with love and joyful exhuberance. That is what the pet food companies would have you believe anyway. What happens most of the time is this. Lucky hasn’t been taken for walkies in weeks. Come Saturday Mr. Owner decides to take it along for a wonderful day out in the park or on the bicycle path, or what have you. Feuled by images of meadows and exhuberance, Lucky gets let off his chain. Dream turns to nightmare as Lucky goes ape. So many people! So many smells! So many… He’s calling me. Bugger him, I’m freeeee!!!
And the rest of the day Mr. Owner spends looking for and chasing after the bloody mutt.
Well, to make a long-winded story short, TRAIN YOUR DAMN DOGS!
I bit you farewell.

Could you estimate how old is the dog? and if u could send some pics that would help, a friend of mine saw my dog and maybe he would take one like that for adoption if i get to show it to him, so i will be waiting !!

The dog is male.
About 3 years old.
Golden to reddish fur.
He has not been neutered.
I have no idea about shots.
He does not have a chip.
He is friendly and very patient.
He is a fast learner, and responds well to encouragement.
He has been houstrained, but accidents do happen if you don’t take him out early in the morning.
I’m training him to walk and heel, and he rarely pulls while on the leash (now).
He is a bit insecure when left alone, and for the first few days he would follow me everywhere.
He’s afraid of firecrackers and thunder, and will run to find a hiding place when he hears these.
I gave him a bit of a cut because I felt hot just looking at his thick coat.