Found in Xinzhuang - male beagle EDIT: lost, found again

My girlfriend has brought home a male beagle that one of her friends found in Xinzhuang (Sinjhuang, Hsinchuang or however you like to spell it) in Taibei County about three weeks ago. The exact location was between Danfeng Elementary School and the place where they are building the terminal MRT station, next to what is left of the Losheng Sanatorium. The friend took the dog to check for a chip (none as usual :frowning: ) but he can’t keep it.

The dog has a black body, white tummy, legs, muzzle and tail, and tan head, ears and haunches. There are a couple of small patches of white fur on its neck. There is a small bald patch about the size of a NT$5 coin in the middle of its back - could be a scar. The friend said the dog smelt very nice when he found it, so it had probably only just been lost (or abandoned, but I doubt it.) The dog is very friendly. It is used to climbing stairs and being walked on a lead, and its claws are well worn, suggesting its original owner gave it plenty of exercise.

Anyway, I have seven dogs already. They are all bitches, one of them is on her first heat right now (I’ll have her spayed when the heat is over so she doesn’t lose too much blood) and one is an unspayed bitch puppy. So I really don’t want to keep this doggy, sweet as it is. I would like to trace the original owner if possible. Please, people who live and work in Xinzhuang, look out for lost-dog notices and let me know if you see any for male beagles! Also, if anyone wants to foster or adopt him, we can talk about it. I will give priority to people living in or around Xinzhuang.


Here is a picture of the beagle found in Xinzhuang:

Click here or on the photo above for the “found beagle” notice in Chinese.

For reference, here is another beagle with similar coloration:

This beagle is now lost again, as he disappeared when I was walking him with my other dogs around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning (22 November). The location where he went missing was around the junction of Chengde Road and Minquan West Road, very near Minquan West Road MRT Station. If he ran up onto the footbridge, he could have gone down any of the stairs and continued in any direction. That mean’s he’s probably somewhere in Datong or Zhongshan districts in Taipei City.

When found in Xinzhuang he had no chip, collar or tag, but now he is wearing a yellow collar with an ROC year 97 (2008) rabies vaccination tag, serial number 97A053829. Anyone in the area, please keep a look out. Thanks. My mobile phone number: 0968 601041.

For search:
97A 053829
97 A 053829
97 A053829

I got the dog back on Tuesday night. He had taken a stroll over to the Combat Zone, where someone picked him up and took him to Luzhou in Taipei County. Luckily this person had the sense and cared enough to phone the animal inspection station and report the rabies tag number, which was traced to my vet, who phoned me…

So now I have the beagle back at my place and the finder got a NT$1,000 red envelope and a box of chocolates in appreciation. Back to square one, then. I really hope we can get this dog back to his original owner in Xinzhuang.

Please, does anyone on these boards live, work or study in Xinzhuang at all? The area is not far from Fu Jen University. I live in Taipei City and have to commute every day to Neihu, which is way out in the opposite direction, so I have little or no chance of getting out to Xinzhuang myself. If you are in Xinzhuang maybe you could print out posters for me and put them up anywhere where the original owner might see them. If you send me your e-mail address in a private message, or text it to my phone number 0968 601041, or e-mail to julianclegg AT aim DOT com, I can send you the poster as an e-mail attachment.

Honestly, I think there is a 90 percent likelihood that the original owner is looking for this dog. It’s just a matter of getting in touch.

Also, can anyone tell me where stray dogs get taken in that part of Taipei County? Quite likely the owner would look for a lost dog in those places. I can send posters to the pounds and refuges if I have the details.

…there is a pound in Banqiao near the YaDong (Far Eastern) hospital. Not sure how to get there, but I met a woman who goes everyday looking for her lost dog :frowning:

If I have time I might be able to ride my bike across the bridge (takes only 30 to 40 minutes or so from my house) and put some notices up … somewhere. I don’t know Xinzhuang well, though. Is there anyone else who lives closer?