Found Not Guilty ... But

The prosecutor found me not guilty/ non -indictments on both of the 2 criminal charges filed against me. The person accusing me filed an appeal. My understanding is that only about 10% of appeals are successful. But my concern more than anything is what is the average waiting time for a higher court prosecutor to either decide that the decision made by the original prosecutor was correct or incorrect? Thanks for any support on this question.

What were the charges?

Criminal case, average ~80 days.

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Tando … Thank you! 80 days of hell.

cake … I was in the process of filing a civil case and a malicious prosecution case, so I can’t get into too much specifics of the case at this point. But I’ll update everyone once I have successfully defeated the appeal and win the civil and criminal case … thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.


Thank God for that. It makes me cringe when people post details about ongoing court cases.


BiggusDickus … I can never understand that as well. Hope others can learn from what you said.