Found: Purebred Alaskan Husky (Dog)

Beautiful Athletic and very Sweet dog looking for a good home: I found a Husky wandering around Guanshan Riverside Park. I run there during my lunch break several times a week. During my last several runs, I saw this husky running around alone. I asked around at a local temple they said that the dog had been around for a few weeks with no owner. I suppose the owner left him here. His toe nails are clipped and his ears are pretty clean so I suspect that he was an apartment dog.

I took him home to give him some food and a bath. He is young, maybe 1.5-2 years old. He walks good on a lead. He is house broken. He will respond well to a dog owner who is familiar with this breed.

I made a Flickr link to pics below. I haven’t taken him to the vet as of yet to check and see if he has a chip.

You can see what he looks like. I gave him a bath and took these pics: … 528794622/

If you are interested in him, please give me a call. I would keep him but I travel too much for work :frowning:
My name is Lauri - mobile: 922.434.168, I am located in Xindian, next to Bitan Bridge, if you want to see him in person.

He is a pretty cute one :slight_smile:

Would like to keep him, if I am not out of town so often :s

I will ask around, maybe I can find someone responsible enough to take care of him.

Hi - I just wanted to add:

Today I took him to Dr. Yang’s in Tienmu and he was neutered and chipped. He should be 100% in a week. In anyone wants to see him, please give me a call at the number in the original post.


I put him on my facebook. Would be wonderful if someone who is into hiking snowy mountains in a cooler climate would adopt him. Or someone here who has ac on at least part of the time. It is going to be a hot summer.
Good on ya to get him chipped and neutered.

Beautiful Siberian Husky. What do you call him?

I think I will call him Hagrid - for now. You know the big hairy, noble guy in the Harry Potter series? It is perfect for him. So far, during the various walks, that we have taken, he has been attacked by 3 feral cats and 2 neighborhood dogs. His reaction was nothing. He was cool as a cucumber, he just walked on by. This is good because I wouldn’t know what to do with aggression.

So far, he is really a great dog. He tells me when he needs to go out by licking or nudging my hand and pacing by the front door.

I went to animals taiwan yesterday and placed an ad. Since he doesn’t have a chip- the best that can be done is to get the word out - if, by chance, he got away and wasn’t dumped.

Well this is a fun adventure nonetheless. He is a love. It’s really hard for me because he is a great dog. Why anyone would leave him is beyond me?! I dunno what I will do when I have to travel in the next few weeks. Animals Taiwan gave me a number of a good doggie daycare - so this is probably what I will do. Crazy…

Great of you to do so much to help this beautiful, lucky dog. If you can make some kind of Note for Facebook, I can get it shared by a lot of people. We just got 5 pups in good homes in 36 hours this way.

Should you use that doggy daycare, make sure that they have secure grounds and always walk him on leash, as huskies are very good at escaping and very prone to wander off without coming back.

Best of luck!

Stray Dog - Here you go. Please feel free to post. I want to find him a good home.

Found - Siberian Husky, male - 1-2 years old.

  • Walks great on a leash
  • Housetrained
  • Well-mannered
  • Needs regular excercise
  • Is chipped & neutered

I posted him on my facebook, and he has already gotten some attention from Canadians.

Kage - Thank you - I am willing to send him the US or Canada. I fly to the US (Seattle) and would be more than happy to escort him to the right home. He is worth it.

Lauri, you really rock! This is one lucky dog to have found you.

I got a serious nibble from a Canadian! And a less serious one from an Alaskan - fingers crossed on both!
Can anyone give me approximate TOTAL cost for taking a big dog over with me on my next trip? (going in Sept)

Last husky I sent was about NT$25,000, including crate, vet bills, petrol, and excess-baggage fee.

Kage - I will handle the costs if you can handle the connection to his new home. :slight_smile: Seriously.

Oh wow… she says she and her husband have been seriously looking for another husky. She is a stay at home mum but in the winters she works at a ski resort 20 minutes out of town (read: snow). He’s out commercial fishing, but she will talk to him when he calls on the radio phone. Sounds very positive!
I will go there (Vancouver Island) in September. If anyone knows of anyone going earlier, it would be wonderful to get this dog out of Taiwan as quickly as possible - summer heat must be horrible for huskies in Taiwan. Hard enough on my medium length hair dogs.

I hope this works out. I just got some bad news about some animals I am fostering - the home I was hoping they would go to fell through… I wish all animals were this easy to find homes for. (I know, I know, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Fingers crossed!)

Thanks for the info Stray Dog.

Kage -

This is great. You are great! Hagrid says Thank you! (He is good btw - to the chagrin of most of my co-workers, he has been coming to work with me. This is tough because I have to take a cab to/from Xindian to Songshan Railway station 2x per day. ouch. Still worth it though :slight_smile:

Well, fingers crossed. We’ll see what actually comes of this.
I know another guy interested in actually meeting Hagrid, but he lives here. I don’t want to burn any bridges.

No surprise to anyone reading this I am sure, but if anyone misses out on this Husky there are plenty more available in the shelters here.

Hi All - Hagrid had a test with a colleague’s family this weekend. She was very kind, but politely said that he is too big and she didn’t want to scuff her floors. Hmm… I didn’t bet on that.

So the sweet boy is still available. I am taking him to the vet today to get his health certificate to prepare for possible travel. There are a few Siberian rescue shelters in BC and the US who might be willing to take him and re-home. Otherwise, it is just patience.

The Canadian says: " My big doggie is a snow dog true and true, we spend lots of time at the mountain and thats her home away from home. So we can offer this guy a very good home in a safe loving environment. I’m an animal lover and I’m a foster mom for a society called newbark rescue, who rescues dogs from the pound in the states (mostly chiuahuas) and brings them here and finds new homes. "
Looking good … it appears I’ll have to be flying Eva (early to mid Sept)- my least favorite airline, but (apparently) the best one for transporting animals (a discount or something).
If anyone is heading toward Vancouver earlier than September, please post here. It is really, really easy to transport dogs to North America. Help this dog cut short a hot Taiwan summer!

Laurie: In the meantime, as far as when you travel for work, I might have someone who can help with Hagrid for now… He is worried that he doesn’t have enough time to look after Hagrid properly, but he loves dogs and knows a lot about them (thus being aware that he works more than is optimal to take the best care of a dog that needs lots of exercise). Anyhow, working on that, too. Not as optimistic, though.