Found young male shitzu

On the evening of Thursday 8 February just round the corner from where I live (west side of Section 3, Chengde Road, just north of the Minquan West Road junction and south of Changji Street), we picked up a healthy young male shitzu. He was clean and not very hungry, so I think he can’t have been on the street for more than a day. We checked him for a chip but he has none. We also stuck some ads round the vicinity and one at the nearest vet clinic, but no response so far.

The dog has long hair, is white and brown in colour, and the right side of his face is black like a smudge of dirt. The vet reckons he “Smudge” is one to two years old. If anyone has seen ads from someone trying to find a dog of this description, please PM me or phone/text me on 0968 601041.

This little dog is now available for adoption. I found the original owner but she didn’t seem very keen on having the dog back. She says her landlord doesn’t like her keeping a dog.

I haven’t got a photo of the actual dog to post, but here is a similar one:

Smudge would probably be happiest in a home with another young dog for company. He is OK with cats.

Please spread the word! Looking after Smudge in addition to my other four dogs is a big burden for me.

I’ve passed your number on to an English shitzu man who lives in the country between Bitan and Wulai. He’s very interested and will be calling you.

Sorry to say Smudge ran downstairs around midnight yesterday (Sunday) and didn’t come back. I spent half the night looking for him but no luck. Most likely he’s been picked up by someone. I doubt I’ll find him.