Four noes vs Five noes

I noticed that on Wikipedia there are references to both “five noes” and “four noes and one without.”

It got me to thinking what terms the Taipei Times uses and when. (I’d do it for the, but the search engine is evolving).

This article:

2006/02/02 : Critics stress four noes,' but forget one if,’ Lu says
By Shih Hsiu-chuan In section Front Page

mentions the “one if .”

TT Archive first reference to four noes is:

2003/10/14 : US response clear and level-headed
By James Wang 王景弘 In section Editorials

There have been 149 references to the five noes since about that time, the first being:

2003/10/18 : Washington doesn’t like Chen’s new surprises
By Nadia Tsao 曹郁芬 In section Editorials.

We need an expert to untangle this and go into Wiki and make the necessary changes.