Fox+ 190 ntd per month streaming-All UFC


Anyone used this yet ?

Will be the home of all UFC content in Taiwan, so I will get it.Sportswise also has F1, Motogp and college basketball

Also has TV shows such as it’s always sunny, Archer and the Walking Dead. Better movies than Netflix it seems.

Free Trial for one month then 190


Signed up for the free trial. Decent content and worth it for the UFC stuff. Playback is fine and you can cast from phone


MOD is really dropping the ball on UFC ppv now.

They don’t show it live and show a replay at 10pm. That’s just not good enough…


Yeah, the content is on Fox+ which is better for me as dont have MOD. Its live on there now


2 weeks in a row now they did that.


I only got MOD because Fox Sports 3 used to show every event live.
And I guess watching soccer games when they are not at ungodly times…


Get Fox+, only 190 NTD per month


Can you change that website to English some how?


You can change the language settings once you log in.


hows the streaming though? that would maybe be worth it as i watch every event but if its slow…


Is there any way on that website to look at what movies are available? Maybe it’s there, but I couldn’t find it.


No idea, I havent watched an event yet. I just signed up for the one month trial yesterday. Watching shows is fine, same as Netflix basically. Its worth it for UFC+Hollywood movies+Archer+Only Sunny in Philadelphia in my opinion. They also have a lot of National Geographic documentary and all the Showtime docs.

Its the only legal option to watch UFC in Taiwan now


Not sure. There is a month free trial, so you can have a look that way. Just remember to cancel at the end. There is new things like Shape of Water and Curvature


I signed up a while back but only kept it about 3 months. It has some shows I want to watch but they don’t have an app on any of the devices connected to my TV… the best I could do is screen mirroring which is also not easy if you have an iPhone but no apple TV.

Their movie selection was definitely on point.


Can you signup without CHT now? Can you stream through a browser or still only through an app?


You can sign up without CHT. Browser is fine and you also can cast from your phone to TV


Does FOX + show any football games?




MOD is showing the Australian Open on fox sports 3 instead of the UFC this Sunday. Sigh.

Is FOX+ showing this Sunday’s UFC? Cejudo vs Killashaw


yes. 11am it says.