Fox me!

A most unfortunate side effect of my sinus woes here in ScuBoracay is my overabundance of downtime. With little else to do (Boringcay), I find myself being introduced to the living oxymoron that is Fox News. The local resort that I’m hanging at has had it playing on their bar tube fairly consistently. I am readng and surfing the web in an effort to drown out the noise (for that’s all it is), but, like a traffic accident, I can’t help rubbernecking. At first I was amazed at the near 90% devotion to Paris Hilton. Daily panels are delving into all the trials and tribulations of the poor little rich girl, ad infinitum. Strife, starvation and struggle are occuring all over the world, but for this beacon of right wing journalism, nothing else seems worthy of discussion more than Paris Hilton. Real “news” is relegated to “Reel News” while sensationist pap is smeared across the screen as the lion’s share. How can they even call themselves journalists?

If that wasn’t bad enough, I am now trying not to watch their feeble attempt to be funny. They have this Daily Show wannabe called The 1/2 Hour News Hour. Nothing unfunnier than right wing crack pots trying to be funny. Naturally, even an audience comprised of Condy Clones wouldn’t be able to muster up enough laughter to make this shite seem funny. They have to resort to canned giggles and guffaws. How cheap is that?

I began writing this post during the airing of this excuse for bigotry and intolerance, but nothing I could have forseen would have prepared me for the coup de grace they close with. I once respected the rants and raves of Dennis Miller. I even enjoyed his acting from time to time. But he is actually this dreck’s ace closer. Den, Den, Den, what happened to you? Have you no integrity? No shame?

The best thing about the 1/2 Hour News Hour is that it isn’t an hour.

Thankfully, those painful 30 minutes have ended and Fox News has returned to it’s lead story. All Paris, all the time.

Fox me! :raspberry: